a good year.

Each year on birthdays and  our anniversary, Sean and I recount all of the good that has happened.

Last night, at dinner, I asked Sean, “Ok….what was your favorite part of year 30?”.

He went on and on.

He couldn’t pick one…instead he listed several of his favorite things, people and events.  It was cool to see how the Lord blessed him this past year.  If you would have asked him a year ago if he was looking forward to the next 12 months, he might have been a bit reluctant.  I quit my job about a year ago and the task of providing income and security for his two lovely ladies, fell solely on him.

However, the Lord provided (he always does) and has blessed Sean with four amazing jobs (why did I doubt?) and a great year in review.  

What I heard when Sean was listing his “favorites”?

*Small events matter.

*Old friends and new friends.

*People remember events the most when others take time and effort to show they care.

*Slowing down makes life better.  And it is possible to do that….even when you are working alot.

*Traditions are cool.  Even when they are corny.

*Sharing common hobbies and interests with those you love is important.

*The best moments are spent doing simple things.  Not always fancy or luxurious. 

*God fills our cup each day.  We just need to look for it.


It made me think about what has been my favorite part of the past year.  I loved making that mental list, as I was able to see the true blessings that have been brought into my life.

What about you?  What has been your favorite thing in the past year?



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13 responses to “a good year.

  1. My favorite part was welcoming baby #5 into our family! He has blessed our lives in more ways than we ever could have thought!

    what a great tradition! thanks for sharing!

  2. Jon

    Are you sure he is only 31? Sounds like he gets it. His “two lovely ladies” are blessed.

  3. Jen McConnell

    I agree with Sean…there have been too many great things about this year! We found a great church and reconnected with some old friends. I think though that my favorite part of this year was reconnecting with God. Seeing him work in our lives has been amazing. We have had some tough times this last year but when we turned over the problems to God, he helped us thru them.

  4. Dad

    Being able to watch the most beautiful grand daughter in the world grow up before our eyes!! Unbelievable:):)

  5. Jennifer

    Having alot of tough times financially and health wise, which brought me back to a true relationship with God…it had been a while.

  6. I think that this is the year it’s finally truly sunk in that each stage is short . So whatever is “wrong” will soon pass and appreciate the stuff that is “good.”

  7. I love the idea of reflecting like that on birthdays! Making me think right now even though my birthday was months ago!

    Favorite thing from this year – Seeing prayers answered and miracles done, even in the seemingly small, everyday parts of life. God is teaching and showing us so much if we take the time to look. And I am doing a lot of looking right now.

  8. That’s a darn good question. Do you mind if I use it for The BSP?

  9. once again you are in my head.
    i was actually thinking about this as i got up today.
    its really the simple things.
    other than getting engaged, turning 30 and graduating, i think spending time w/ family, making new dishes, and re-connecting with old friends have really been my highlight.
    i know there is much more in store and can’t wait to see how it goes!

  10. What a great Idea. I should do that for my birthdays.

  11. reflection is always good.
    love it.
    and my reflection from this past year?

    God continues to grow and stretch us even when we don’t know it, don’t want it, and don’t ask for it. And then if we can realize it, we can appreciate it.

  12. Kat

    My favorite things this year were:
    Seeing God move in my life


    joining a lively book club with really entertaining talks about Shaq and other things….


  13. Amy

    For me, meeting my nephew – and seeing my brother and sister-in-law again after years. That was pretty big. But like you say … so often it’s just the little things, the small moments that are the most precious …

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