thank you for the encouragement, emails, calls, hugs and cards. you are an amazing group.

looks like dad is going to have surgery next Thursday at 1:45pm to remove the mass on his knee.  he will then begin radiation on his back the following week.  it will be a 5 week stint and he will receive it daily.

we are still waiting to hear back results on his other two biopsies (taken on his waist and back).

thank you again for your prayers.

My love,




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13 responses to “update

  1. ambs

    i’m here if ya need to talk. cry. yell. whatever.
    lots of love

  2. sending lot’s of love and prayers your way!!

  3. AmyLoo

    You have tons of prayers coming from me!

  4. Your Brother

    Cancer= San Francisco Giants

  5. Mary L.

    if you need anything, call me. if you need to go to the hospital and be with your dad, i can take miss k. anything, ok?? love to you and your dad!!

  6. andrea

    Please give my love to your parents, and let them know that I am praying for all of you.

  7. sending prayers and hugs your way!!!

  8. Nell

    LOVE YOU and your daddy too…I am here if you need anything…love you! Me…

  9. with my whole heart…

  10. praying for all the best…..and that this will end up being a blessing in your lives…..God IS good all the time.


  11. noelle

    we will continue to pray 🙂 please feel free to call if you & Sean need an evening out – or if you just need some quiet time- i’m home after 12:15pm & would be more than happy to watch Ms. K 🙂 xoxo

  12. Praying, praying, praying for you, your Dad, and your family…! xoxox!

  13. praying every night before i go to sleep and every morning when i wake up. praying they will get all of it first time around and your dad will heal as quickly as possible. God bless you guys, i can’t imagine how difficult this is on your entire family.

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