Frugal Francine’s Fabulous Finds

housewife 11-22-15

Inexpensive produce is out there!

On a limited budget, I need to find very good deals on my grocries and today I did!

Fresh and Easy had  6 tomatoes for .51 cents and a box of plums for .75 cents.

TIP: Fresh and Easy has small areas at the end of each aisle and fridge section with sale items.  Last week I got 7 pounds of chicken for $3.04. Most of it needs to be used within a day or two.  And for those that like to only buy Organic, there is alot of that too!  Visit Fresh and Easy today!  I spent less than 29 dollars on my groceries for the week and got plenty!




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3 responses to “Frugal Francine’s Fabulous Finds

  1. Kat

    Henry’s usually has great deals on produce, and the sales vary week to week. It’s right by my house…so If you want to check it out maybe we’d just have to meet you there =o)

  2. i love you. seriously. i just posted on FB how in love I am w/ this store.
    i go to fresh and easy at least once a week and get the best deals EVER. same w/ Henry’s as Kat said. and Henry’s will double your savings on Wednesdays. you get last weeks deals and this weeks.
    its amazing how happy these things make me.

  3. SCORE!! Fresh and Easy has the yummiest snickerdoodles and baguettes! YUM!

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