a very looooong list.

Mrs. Traveling Hammer inspired me today.  She challenged me to make a list of blessings to combat my foul mood.

And so I did.

Turns out there are so many MANY things to be thankful for today.  And when you start to list them, you can’t really stop.  They just come pouring out.  But here are a few.

*This is waiting in my freezer for me:


*Friends that call, care and love me during weird, “bleck” times.  Consistency in friendship has become so important to me in the past few years.

*Winning a blog giveaway from this company and having it arrive in the mail (super cute denim jacket):


*Lunch and cupcakes with Mrs. Mary.  Talking with a friend who understands you is like medicine.




*A God that loves me more than I can fathom and values me.

*A college friend getting engaged to a great guy.

*The possibility of new beginnings and exciting changes.

*A hardworking husband.

*A day that felt like fall.

*Getting together with an accountability group this weekend.  Becoming stronger and being challenged.

*New friends.

*An unexpected card at a perfect time from a fellow blogger.  

*Showing gratitude.

*A pretty cool mother-in-law.

*The fact that my kid cried while leaving my parents house today–she loves her time over there.




Thanks for the challenge, Mary.  It did this heart good.



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9 responses to “a very looooong list.

  1. jenn

    YOU are at the TOP of my blessing list!!!

  2. Your Brother


    Missing something?


  3. hey I have cupcake pictures with my friends on my bloggy too!!

  4. Kat

    I think those cupcakes could brighten anyones day! Did you make those? So cute!

  5. Love your list! It’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest, ya know?

  6. What a great list! Those cupcakes look sooooo yummy! When I go to NY next month, I am going to stop at every single cupcake place there is!!! Love them!

  7. What a great exercise when a yucky day invades…I really need to remember that. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I’m grateful to be American. Every. Single. Day.

  9. I’ve had a crap week too, too many things happening that involve money, and being 100% out of our control. I’ve just had to sit back, and do exactly this – list what DOESN’T suck about my life, lol.

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