Monday (plus one day) Light {better late than never}

Yesterday was a little coo-coo, so “Monday Light” got pushed to Tuesday.  Apologies.

1.) Do you ever look at your kid and go “holy moly…my kid is growing up too fast and it must stop immediately” ?

I have that feeling about once a day.  When I was scrolling through my pictures this morning, this picture made me stop and think that very thought.  Geez.  I can’t handle this.  Time needs to slow down.


2.) Miss K discovered the trampoline recently.  My moms neighbor and friend (and definitely one of Miss K’s favorite people, Joanne) let’s Miss K run and jump on her huge trampoline and it is HI-LARIOUS.  Seriously.  So funny.


3.) I had a moment last night when I was filled with those ooey-gooey feelings.  All mushy and “warm feelings rush to your heart” stuff.  I was at Bolsa Chica beach with our bible study group.  My husband and daughter were sitting and playing in the sand and she was laughing and thinking that it was the best thing since the trampoline that morning….

And I began to think….

15 years ago, Sean and I would go eat at Denny’s in the morning, pack up his 4 Runner and head to that EXACT location each Wednesday.  We would spend entire days there with all our friends from Los Altos youth group.  Smashball, boogie boards, smores, singing to the guitar, tormenting our youth pastor Bill and roasting hotdogs. 

The first time the words “I love you” were said, were at that beach.  

Two kids.  Thinking that they were sooo in love.  Having no clue about the future. Enjoying the days of summer.  Thinking about my sophomore year in high school.  Dreaming about learning to drive and going to prom.

And then I look at Sean, sitting with my daughter and playing.  15 years later. 

And fall in love all over again.



3.) After said beach trip (post-ooey gooey emotional cry fest), my daughter took a face plant on the concrete, while riding in her Radio Flyer. We were walking back to the car while she was giggling and eating a snack.  I turned around just in time to yell, “NOOOOOOO!” and watch her lean over the side to look at a bug or something and roll out….face first on the concrete.  Her mouth full of blood (awesome).  All teeth are in place, though.  And she looks like Angelina Jolie today.

4.) Im seeing Julie and Julia tonight!  SO excited.  I feel there may be some FRENCH cuisine in my near future!

5.) We have been painting alot lately, but this is my favorite of Miss K’s so far:


I painted the canvas a base blue, so it would stand out.  We have enjoyed mixing in some new mediums like coffee cans, sponges and bigger brushes.  Although, Miss K likes the small brushes because she acts like they are toothbrushes, during her painting.  Yum.


I think the funnest part for me is watching what colors Miss K’s diaper becomes during the painting process.


Mini-Picasso adds a new painting to her wall-o-art.


6.) Thanks for all your many responses on the topic of birth in America.  I really appreciate the dozen or so of you that wrote some very detailed and informative emails.  I don’t want to speed along a post until I feel very informed, but please know how much I appreciate you taking time and energy to share your opinions.

7.) And while I don’t ever want to be guilty of wishing away time, I can’t help but be excited that there are only 20 days left in summer.  (Summer only lasts until September 1st in our household…says me.)  Harvest is almost here!  Im thrilled.  WHO’S WITH ME??!!!

8.) On the homefront: My dad goes in to have a new mass on his waist biopsied, on Thursday.  He also is meeting with an oncologist about a mass on his knee on Friday and begins paperwork for radiation on Monday. Please keep praying for him and my mom.  (This should actually be #1 because it is #1 in my heart, but editing takes too long and I am lazy today).

9.) These are my favorite picture books for kids.  Miss K has almost all of them, sans one.  The one that I MUST find and is virtually impossible to obtain (drat).  “This Is Cape Canaveral” was renamed “This is Cape Kennedy” and then a new issue just came out in June, “This is the Way To The Moon”.  I, being the vintage lover, want the book with the original name.  (obviously).  Im not willing to pay zillions, but am scouring everywhere in the hunt.


10.) THANK YOU for all your input regarding the last post.  I am VERY excited to get started on my recipe organization process.  I will show you the end product (because I know that is something you all need to see a picture of, before you can move on with your day.)

Alright-the baby just woke up and I need to take the corn bread out of the oven.  Have a grand Tuesday!



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11 responses to “Monday (plus one day) Light {better late than never}

  1. You were not alone. I had the same moment at the beach as well.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you let your girl paint to her little heart’s content. I think it’s so sad when creativity is stifled in the growing up process and I hope you continue to encourage it in her for as long as you possibly can.

    The topic of kids and painting in general reminds me of a documentary I watched about a little girl who painted and kind of became famous for it. I blogged about it here:

    It’s an interesting watch, I recommend it for sure!

  3. Mary L.

    Yay, HARVEST!!! I am so with you.
    #2 made me cry!! 🙂
    We’ll keep praying for your dad. Thanks for the update. Our ❤ to him!

  4. Kim

    Too funny Rachel. Someone was just asking me the other day when fall *offically* started. And my response was the same as yours…. September 1st!! :o) That’s when *I* say it starts. ;o) So yes, I’m with you on #7

  5. Nicole

    I can’t wait for FALL!!!!!!!! I just love that it is almost October! What to be for Halloween? I think I will start looking right now! Love, Love, Love the fall!

  6. #1-totally, and frankly I’m fed up with Time messing with my head.

    falling in love all over again-awesome. you guys are so sweet.

    looking like angelina jolie-sweet! maybe there is a brad pitt in her future?!

    the picture your baby painted is amazing…I wish I had the creativity and uninhibited talent that little ones had. I’m serious about that.

    praying for your dad!

  7. Amy

    #7 – I am SO with you. When I was in Sweden it was Autumn weather … bought orange tapers from IKEA and everything. Then came home to 100+ degree weather. Such a disappointment. Sigh.

    #8 – I will add your dad to my prayer list.

  8. Dad

    Great blog!! Hearing Miss K. literally screaming on the trampoline was priceless!! Thanks for the prayers as always:):)

  9. ouch……….bless her little heart, but I’ve been there, and thankfully with God’s help, they heal, and she’ll probably be a little more careful next time she leans over.
    I’ll say a prayer for your sweet Dad, and yes, time does cause pangs from time to time, doesn’t it? My baby will be a Senior in high school this year…just yesterday she left for first grade!!! Acckk…


  10. Janelle

    i love your family.

  11. Thanks for the inspiration to put up artwork ON CANVAS… not like it’s that much more expensive than paper and what a cool wall o’ art for your daughter (and everyone else) to be proud of, ooh and ahh over… What kind of paints do you find work best? This is so going to happen during our arts and craft time as soon as it can.

    Love the ooey-gooey about falling in love all over again.

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