the after.










I am really happy about the outcome of this room.  Sean calls it the “hotel room in the Netherlands”, which I take as a compliment from Sean. It’s much more minimalist and simple than my style usually is (much more Sean’s style)….and i love that about it. It’s soothing, calm and much more “beachy” than I usually am drawn to, but I am in LOVE.

 This was our cheapest DIY project to date.  We had the paint already (from our living room makeover HERE), so we used that for the ceiling and walls.  The comforter and pillows were given to us by my friend, Noelle, who is a collector or bedding (self-proclaimed), and it pulled the ENTIRE room together.  The sewing table, chair, suitcases and owl were all being used in other places in our home and I did some switch-a-roo with things I found outside. The nightstand is a mini-table my mom had and even the succulents are from outside!

 We did get the new lighting fixture (my favorite thing in the room) from IKEA on the cheap.  

Thank you for each of your inspirations, suggestions and ideas.  I really appreciate it and am off to enjoy the new room!



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20 responses to “the after.

  1. Janelle

    I LOVE THE NEW BEDSPREAD! It really ties it all together – like you said, very calm and relaxing. I love it! great paint job sean!

  2. Amy

    I love it – especially the orange ceiling!

  3. Divine – I like a serene master bedroom. A nice place to relax and unwind after the day.


  4. loves it.
    simple and comfortable. thats what a bedroom should be.
    i agree w/ sean about the netherlands hotel. it looks like something out of one of Samantha Browns’ weekend travels!
    too cute! Enjoy!

  5. Very pretty! I like it!

  6. how fun! love the simplicity 😉

  7. Jon

    Yes! I would like to make a reservation at the beachy Netherlands Hotel. AAA discount… room with a view.

  8. VERY cute! Good job! I can’t believe how fast you got that done!

  9. Elma

    Oh my I love it!! The orange is sooooo cool!! What did you do with the bed frame?

  10. Jason

    fun!! love the light fixture and the warm glow the orange ceiling casts on the room. 🙂 yeah to Noelle for donating the beautiful bedspread!

  11. Amazing how just a few changes makes a girl so happy, isn’t it???? Cool paint job, and the bedding is perfect!!! I like it!


  12. love the orange cieling…gives the room some punch without being too much! danny & i have the same problem with our “master” (& i use the term loosely) bedroom, we haven’t hung a single thing on the walls, we were just happy to be able to fit a cal-king bed and two dressers in the room & still be able to get in and out bed! lol! i do think you need to find a good home for that bench & set of chairs though, they look lonely in your garage!

  13. Cool! You painted the ceiling a *COLOR* what a great idea!

  14. noelle

    LOVE how everything turned out! I really like the orange ceiling – I never would have thought of that! Glad the bedspread worked out 🙂

  15. I love the bedspread! It is so perfect. Looks great!

  16. It’s wonderful! And inspiring.
    I love Ikea…I’m going soon. I hope. 🙂

  17. It’s looks FANTASTIC! Well done you!!

  18. You did such a wonderful job!!!

    btw, also love the blue chandelier in your kitchen 🙂

  19. awesome makeover! i love it. i so wish i could convince my hubby to paint the ceilings, but that goes totally against all that he believes…. i love the orange – again, i don’t think i could convince him to go with a color that bold.

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