some much needed DIY love

{Unrelated: Thanks to those of you who have checked in on Miss K.  Her appt. went well and the doctor confirmed that she does have a clogged tear duct.  We have her surgery scheduled for December and I will keep you updated as it grows closer.  Thanks for caring!}


Exhibit A:

Large, pastel-colored, fruit backsplash.  No thank you.



Find one frame/mirror you do not use from garage.


Paint it fabulous color, that is leftover in the outside shed.




So, I have one room that is hard for me.

It’s out “master” bedroom.  I put the quotations because all the rooms in our house are the same size, so the master bedroom is really determined by whatever room we put our huge bed in.

I tend to neglect this room.  I don’t think that all rooms (or any room for that matter) NEED to be perfectly decorated, by any means.  I see houses on blogs and in magazines that are so perfect and I wonder….”is that even comfortable to live in?”  I tend to like a home where people can kick up their feet and know that they aren’t going to ruin the coffee table (and chances are that I got it for free on the side of the road, so I really don’t care if they did).  I want our house to be a reflection of us.  I think that is important for any house.  It can be done expensive or on the cheap.  It doesn’t really matter…I would just like it to be “us”.  I spend alot of time at home (I’m a homebody by nature) and so I would like each room to be comfortable and enjoyable.  Sue me.

The master bedroom has been the “leftover” room.  



A few fun facts:

*The bed frame and box spring were gifts given to me upon my 8TH GRADE GRADUATION.  EIGHTH GRADE.  And were still rockin’ them.

*The comforter and sheets were given to us for our wedding.  7 years ago.  Im sure that there are people that wouldn’t think that is a long time, but they have holes in them and are wearing thin.

*There are no closet doors.  They were jacked when we moved in, so we have used drapes since we bought the house, almost 6 years ago.

*Whatever is on the wall has been picked out of the garage haphazardly.  Like the scroll, candleholders.  Very 1999.

{don’t get me wrong.  there are some people that will look at this room and think it looks fine and assert it is ridiculous for me to be dissatisfied with it.  I’m fine with it–that is WHY it is stayed this way for 6 years.  I would just like to spruce it up}



I have a weekend, orange paint and anything in the garage at my disposal.

Remember what is in the garage (or refer here for more pics of my “pretend store”):


 I want to spend VERY little.  The only thing I can see myself spending on is a new hanging light fixture.  I’m going to search on CRAIGLIST for something a little more modern looking.

Give me your ideas for what I can do.  Get funky.  Get creative.  Give me any ideas you have.

Don’t leave me to my own devices.  Or you can.

And be stunned and amazed on Monday.



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13 responses to “some much needed DIY love

  1. i feel the same way about a house being comfortable. mine is generally clean but I love that people feel its okay to come over, take off their shoes and put their smelly socks on my ottoman, i own febreeze and scotchguard – no worries.
    ok this is hard for me to do via the computer but i will try
    that trunk looking thing? use that as a night stand
    if you must have a chair use those lovely heart shaped back ones…..those are just too fab and throw in the bench at the foot of the bed – if there’s room.
    I like the idea of the curtains on the closet but think you might want to switch up the color or jazz them up somehow. i think i may have some in one of the trunks in the garage.
    i will take pics tomorrow and email to you – if you’re interested let me know as I will be on that side of town on Sunday ( and Tuesday) and can bring them by!
    happy decorating!

  2. whooooa….am sure you’re much better at this than me…you could go for a gold and black theme…keep the light fitting…and the closet drapes…get rid of everything else…oh except the bed…lots of memories there! Paint it matt black…how about some orange stripes on the wall…
    or how about pink, orange and black….you could use the pink chairs…paint the bed black…orange n pink bedcover…orange stripes on the wall…maybe pink tulle for the wardrobes…
    …good luck!

  3. I am so visual this is very hard with only two pics to look at……However, I’m thinking cream, pink and orange…..I am not sure where to put the orange, but I’d def. use the pink chairs and possibly the bench at the end of the bed. Paint the bed cream colored or white, get new comforter….how about getting some drop cloths and stencil them or paint orange flowers or designs on them for drapes and a dust ruffle. Find orange and pink throw pillows and a light colored comforter…..or how about painting the trunk orange and using it for the night stand….it’s just hard to “see” without “seeing” it….can I come over??? LOL….

  4. Okay second set of ideas here……..go with gold and pink……may not be able to use the orange paint at all….take the light fixture down and either replace it or paint it bronzey……you’ve already got the gold and pink….so the gold drapes are the ones over the closet???? or is that another window? Why not get some sheers and put those under the gold ones and pull those back to the sides for a little more elegant look? I’d put my money in new bedding…..for some pizazz…..but def. use the pink chairs and bench if you can. The wall art above the bed needs changing out…….shop the house and find something else. Use the trunk if you can and dress it up somehow with paint or fabric or paper…….hope any of this nonsense helps. I’d be much better to help in person! 🙂

  5. Kat

    I adore those heart chairs…I think they look romantic and may be cute in your room =o)

  6. Amy

    I simply adore orange! It’s such a warm, happy color … it also, supposably, makes you hungry. So it’s good it will be in your bedroom and not the kitchen. But I digress …

    If it were me – and I had orange paint – I think I would give it an exotic flare. I agree with ambs, I think the the trunk would make a great nightstand. You could also maybe pull in the candle holder (is that what is in front of the trunk?), the bird cage, and the red bench (again, at least that’s what it looks like :).

    I might even keep the lighting fixture (maybe just new bulbs?), the mirror – maybe even the scroll candle-holders … I’d just move them, and maybe stack the holders next to the mirror. I think I’d paint one wall orange. Then I’d use the money to purchase new bedding with deep, rich colors and maroon accents. Maybe a cream-ish paint for the other walls.

    And I think I just made a record for the world’s longest comment…

  7. the chandelier would be pretty painted orange, but maybe that would be more trouble than it is worth…a lighter color for the closet curtains, new duvet cover maybe a nice, inexpensive one from ikea?. think something larger would look great above the bed–any more random mirrors/frames in the garage? and is that a blue lamp base next to the birdcage? i love the color blue with orange. use that as an accent somewhere if its a vase. i know how small the rooms are and you know me with my minimal style so that is all i have for now!

  8. I say (if you’re willing) – paint the bed frame. I think that could make a DRAMATIC change in the room. I’m still debating what color, though. Depends on what color you use for your bedding. I like the warmer tones everyone else has suggested.

    Definitely change the light – whether you buy one or paint the existing one. And I like the idea of bringing in one of the heart chairs.

    There’s my 2 cents!

  9. noelle

    ok – just left a long post & accidentially deleted it!! Uugh! so this will be a little shorter 🙂

    first – so glad Ms. K’s appointment went well.

    second – I LOVE diy projects! I’m always stopping by Lowes and picking up paint swatches for my future projects 🙂

    You have a ton of great suggestions already! It is tough to tell from the picture – but I agree with the trunk for the nightstand – I would also paint the bed frame – maybe a deep brown. it seems that a lot of your pieces are rich colors – the orange paint – dark trunk – maroon bench / chairs – you could almost do a moroccan type design – check out this bedding
    it has the oranges and pink/maroons from the chair – maybe you could get a lighter bedspread (white or cream) and then throw something like this on the foot of the bed.
    my only concern about the orange paint is that you have enough sunlight streaming into the room so it doesn’t make it too dark – maybe just an accent wall or a stripe. I also have a small bedroom that LB is infamous for – so I know that its sometimes hard to fit everything that you would like.
    on a side note – i have an ikea orange/white duvet cover that you are more than welcome to have 🙂
    excited to see the results!

  10. Mary L.

    Fun ideas that everyone has! I completely agree about the bench! I love that bench too much for it to be sitting in your garage. Many memories around your table. 🙂 Also, a splash of orange would be great. It’d be fun to paint your bedframe. Lots of work but that’d make the biggest difference. Or stain it darker if you can. Or you could use a simple metal frame and make a cloth-covered headboard. Keep the carpet if you bring in the bench because those complement each other nicely and I think it’d look nice with an orange wall by softening it. I’ve always liked the drapes but if you changed them that would also dramatically change the look of the room. Oh, and the owl that you bought recently would look nice in your bedroom!

  11. Michelle Eastman

    silly question – are you going to remove the mirror everytime you cook so it stays fabulous? (one little mirror in our boys bath is a mess after one toothbrushing – HOW they get it up so high I will never know!)

    love the idea – although on the days I do not “get ready” and look less than fabulous I may be a little chagrined having to look at myself for so long! :o)

    enjoy working on your room – always fun to change something! (especailly when you actually have SKILLS!)

  12. I would bring in the heart chairs for sure! And the bench seems to match, so I would use that at the foot of the bed for a place to get dressed. That brownish blackish large box looks like a trunk? It looks like a WW2 trunk my grandpa had that my mom uses as a nightstand with a glass cover over it and some fun postcards underneath. I definitely change out the curtains on the closet to lighten the room – or do away with curtains altogether to make the room seem bigger? And I’d treat myself to a new bedding set. I like to keep bedding light and crisp with lots of fluffy pillows!

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with – and I want a whole house tour in September so I can come home and steal your ideas! 🙂

  13. Elma

    Oh such fun!! I can’t wait to see the new room:) If you decide on white bedding I have an extra white duvet w/shams from shabby chic target you can have. Glad miss. k will be fine:)

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