two peas in a pod…

My brother and I.  

We are so similar in so many ways.

Exhibit A: We don’t shy away from the dance-floor (totally separate events).



We can read each others minds, make each laugh and know exactly what the other person needs.


It’s a good thing.  To have a non-twin, twin.  Someone who thinks like you.  Tells you the TRUTH and values your opinion.


It’s nice.  Comforting.  Genuine.  A treasure.

Who is your non-twin, twin?


On a totally unrelated note….

Miss K is seeing a speacialist tomorrow for her eye.  It has been leaky since day one and hasn’t solved itself.  I thought that I could “will” it better, but it turns out my super powers don’t work on eye sockets.  So, tomorrow morning we go see some fancy pants doctor in Laguna Hills.  

Maybe I should wash my car before I drive into such a nice part of town….



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12 responses to “two peas in a pod…

  1. that picture of him is HI-LARIOUS! i’m sure he will thank u for that. 🙂
    my non-twin twin? hmmm….i have a couple actually. one friend i’ve had for years, the other i met a year ago and we just click. she gets it.
    i dig that.
    good luck w/ miss k tomorrow.
    as for the car?
    leave it dirty. and enjoy the raised eyebrows and looks of pity.

  2. Carrie

    Okay, you cracked me up with your comment about “fancy” and Laguna Hills. I live in hoity toity lovely Laguna Beach (with my Ford Explorer that has peeling paint)…My hubby and I used to say that we are upper class white trash but since I have been a stay at home mommy with no income, we are just white trash.

    FYI – Laguna Hills is right next to Leisure World, or what they call Laguna Woods, so heads up. The older folks are a little crazy behind the wheel.

  3. Amber

    Since I am an only child I have only experienced this a few times in my life so far. But the strongest I have felt it is with Brenna… she is the yin to my yang 🙂 … I have this with another friend, but with Brenna it is so strong because we are exactly in the same phases in our life, deal with the same issues, and are way too open with each other in our relationship… (I just laughed out loud thinking of our TMI moments.) I thank God every day for her and friends like her.

    Amber V.

  4. What a wonderful, wonderful relationship. You’re a blessed lady. I’m not even that close with my sisters!

  5. Amy

    My brother and I are two peas in a pod. It took awhile to figure this out, mind you – because I specifically requested a sister. But I did. Then he had to go and move to Sweden. Rude.

  6. Good luck with the doctor tomorrow!

    My non-twin twin is my husband. We have our differences (like he likes everything spotless and I really don’t care) but otherwise, we think the same thoughts at the same time, have similar taste, and even look alike. It is awesome.

  7. (Work is slow this week for me; can you tell? I’m “visiting” daily.) What a fun post about you and your brother! My brother and I have recently reconnected this past year after being apart due to life circumstances. It’s amazing to see how God answered my prayers and brought my brother back into my life (and many other’s lives). The Lord works in mysterious ways. We’re not to non-twin twin status yet, but could be in the future. Another non-twin twin is a mommy friend I met right after I had Iris. We clicked immediately and share so many similarities in our parenting styles that we couldn’t help but become good friends fast.

    I live in Laguna Hills… and I’ve come to love south Orange County much more than I ever thought I would. But it’s not all as fancy-pants as you might think, especially w/ Laguna Woods in its midst (as Carrie pointed out). Seriously, drive carefully. And if you have time, enjoy the fountains at the Spectrum!

    Iris had a leaky eye since birth which caused constant infections. Turned out to be “merely” a clogged tear duct and it resolved itself by about 18 months without us having to do much more than buy eye ointment multiple times during her first year and a half. Good luck with the appointment! I hope they have some answers for you!

  8. Liz

    These pictures cracked me up. And your ‘mean faces’ look a lot like my non-twin’s mean face. 🙂 Rebecca could be related to you guys.

    Thanks too for the feature, you’re too sweet!

  9. Kristi

    I have a twin-twin. And I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world!

  10. Hey Rach – A clogged tear duct + surgey = no fun. Someone (our doctor?) recommended applying pressure in a downward motion from the corner of my daughter’s eye down the side of the nose to help unclog the duct (for Iris). A warm washcloth is good. A few times a day, religiously. It might have been what worked for Iris (or it was the Lord). I’ll be praying that little duct clears up!

    I remember with Jonas (my 2nd) that I was surprised when he turned on the water works as a wee one and the tears started pouring out both eyes. I hadn’t realized that all those tears Iris was trying to shed out of one eye were being held back! Nowadays I think she’s making up for lost time and turns ’em on (and off) like a faucet. Good times.

  11. Just wanted to say that your brother is soooo cute and you two look like y’all have a blast together : )

    Hope everything is OK with Miss K’s eye.

  12. You and your brother are both so adorable. 🙂

    I’m sorry your baby is suffering. We just got back from Laguna Hills!

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