learning my lesson

Blogging teaches you lots of things.

Today I learned to not post an opinion piece unless I have the time, energy and extreme wisdom, to counter each of the 64 emails that I got during a 50 minute window of time.

My inbox is on fire.  Some loving the article, some disagreeing and some who don’t know how to feel.

And the point is, I personally disagree with the healthcare reform bill, but do not know everything or even most things.  I try to educate myself and be informed, but in the end….Im learning that unless I want to “fight the fight”, I might just steer clear of these kinds of posts. 

And when it comes right down to it…..

Cherry Tree Lane is a happy, sunshiny place.  I want to keep it that way.  Generally, opinion posts only serve to get people riled up, frustrated and angry (whether they agree with you or not) and I want people walking away from my blog with a smile on their face.  

Not a frown or angry heart.


(If you don’t understand what I am talking about….the post before this was dealing with the healthcare reform bill, until I removed it).



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12 responses to “learning my lesson

  1. As someone who read the previous post on health care (including the link and even parts of the actual House bill), I can say I appreciate your courage to put these issues out there for us readers to be enlightened. While I personally found several errors in the other post’s recitation of the House bill, I’m glad you even brought it to my attention, so that I can make an informed decision on what is going on with health care.

    You have a great deal of personal integrity, and we the readers know that you will always tell us when you are expressing or relaying an opinion, rather than representing something as fact when it’s not.

    I only wish other bloggers would have even a hint of that integrity. Kudos to you!

  2. Dad

    I didn’t get a chance to read your comments or what other people had to say which is unfortunate!! I would have shared my two cents….or probably some non sunshiny or unsavory statements so maybe it is good I didn’t see it. A major move like this will always generate some agitation on all sides, but with Senator’s and Congressman saying that they won’t even read it(and they have said that!!) and with stipulations in it that are morally and ethically untenable, we all have the right and responsibility to clearly articulate the pernicious nature of doing things and signing things without everything being clearly spelled out. Do I want people to be without needed care? Heck no! Do I want to support procedures that are as bad as genocide that has happened and continues to happen around the world?? **&&^^%%$$## no!! OK….back to sunshiny topics like how precious Rachel and Kensington are:):)

  3. Can we talk about abortion next??? How about breast vs. bottle???

    All joking aside, I think Melissa’s comment expresses my feelings as well.

    Let’s now return to watching your little girl shake her booty and making us laugh…

  4. Very smart to tread lightly. I want you to blog with a smile on your face!

  5. Bummed I missed it. =(

  6. jenn

    ahhh, this makes more sense now. sorry i missed it. health care is a tricky one…looks like it’s moving it’s way over into the abortion and gay marriage column, seeing as how insanely polarized everyone seems to be on the topic.

    personally, i have just been reading as much as i can and try to make sense of the whole mess (which as of now, seems impossible to do), rather than try and discuss it with anyone…because it seems like people are too opinionated on either side to even have a discussion about it.

    i’m taking as much as i can in so that i can form and informed opinion and then act accordingly…i tend to be a bit wary of anything that claims that the government is going to kill old people…but that is just me :).

    love you and your blog!

  7. Mary L.

    I’m with Shanna! Just turned on my computer now. I agree that you do have a lot of integrity as a blog writer and I ALWAYS leave your blog with a smile on my face or a new issue on my heart and I love reading it! 🙂

  8. erika

    Alright, although i didn’t get a chance to read….i’m sure we play on the same side of the street! Being informed, well educated, and poised on the matter is all we can do to fight back….all of which i know you were! (sometimes others don’t comment as such!)
    Here’s my plug!:
    If you are unwilling to let the government run every aspect of our lives…go online and sign the health care petition….it’s a great way to show you care.

  9. Michelle Eastman

    What? I thought you LOVED hearing people’s opinions and creating controversy!!

    hehehehehehehehe :O)

    I seriously have to not think about this one – it makes me fired up and not loyal to our government in my heart.

    I do feel bad for people who do not have healthcare but I also feel bad for people who lose a tenth (or more) of their income to pay for the coverage so they can take care of their families.

    There will never be a perfect solution this side of heaven unfortunately! Oh, for the day when our bodies will be perfect and doctors can sit and relax and sing praises to the Lord.

  10. lauren

    It just makes me sad. I respect the idea that people want to express their opinions but in the end, this is YOUR blog, and YOUR opinion and if they don’t agree with you oh well.

    I had a similar experience during the election last fall and riled some people up. It’s just unfortunate that we can’t share our opinions in a kind sunshiny way and then you could use your blog as your platform for your thoughts without any fear or worry of what someone might think.

    I love your blog…love hearing your thoughts on ALL sorts of matters…and hope this doesn’t discourage you from sharing.

  11. Kim

    Ah man! Can you email me the link? I actually opened it and started reading it this morning but then my friend came over…. knowing I could just come back here and look it up again. And now it’s gone! LOL :o) Thank you. And don’t worry, I won’t send you any nasty emails. ;o) (because I 100% agree with you!)

  12. noelle

    wish i could have seen it 🙂 i always like a good debate 🙂 but understand why you decided to remove it – polotics always get people riled up – on a side note though – i think it is EXTREMELY important to be educated on these bills – especially since our congress members may or may not be reading them 🙂

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