JAM {just a mom} on it! and some ice.


I have talked about being JAM before here. Repetition on this topic will inevitably happen, as Cherry Tree Lane serves as an online journal of sorts, so thank you for indulging me. Seeing as my friend and I had a 2 hour long conversation about this the other day, it has been on my mind and I, once again, assessed how I was feeling.


I feel like the whole thing has been a metamorphosis for me.  Going from working mom and being totally overwhelmed, to staying at home but trying to start a very modest business and still feeling overwhelemed….to now.

I hit my stride.

I’m totally JAM’ing on it. And loving it.

About 3 months ago I woke up, sat there and realized that I needed to set aside my hopes for building a business.  For me and my mind, I needed to put that thought into a cute little package and tuck it away in a drawer for a later time.  If I try and “kinda” start building Cherry Tree Lane, I will let my mind go there and it will begin to slowly become a priority again. For me…that isnt going to work.  I need to be focused right now on JAM’ing on it and leaving the door opened to Cherry Tree Lane would only serve to distract me. I’m a person that needs parameters, in which to dwell.

I will peal away the ribbon on CTL at another time.  I will dive in head first. But for now, it will sit in my drawer. So I can focus.

Focus on making Halloween costumes, cooking dinner, doing laundry and using phrases such as “good choice” and”because I said so”, investigating home schooling and natural childbirth, growing a vegetable garden and washing dishes. Making playdates, going to the zoo, swapping recipes with girlfriends and discussing “mommyhood” with other bloggers, making lunches, learning new things, putting in pigtails and comforting a crying baby.  

My stride has been hit.  Im enjoying JAM and continuing to throw myself into it whole heartedly.  This season has been perfectly designed for me and I want to seize the moment and enjoy being JAM…while I can.  I know it will be gone soon.


Miss K likes baths and ice.  So I made colored ice in ice-cube trays (water and food coloring, people) and threw it into her bath last night.  



This face occurred after holding the ice too long.


Good times!



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12 responses to “JAM {just a mom} on it! and some ice.

  1. Fabulous! I’m right there with the JAMing bit. I love having a creative outlet, but I do not want to be accountable to anyone but God and my family right now. It’s too easy to get distracted from what’s really important. Homeschooling is a way for me to be that much more involved with my kids, and also have a more creative focus than “just” the laundry. 🙂

  2. JAMing here too and feeling overwhelmed with that even! Who needs anything else? This is MORE than a full-time job!

  3. Dad

    I jam everyday but that is because I am the “Disco King”!!

  4. Well, finally home and catching up. You are wise to appreciate this season, Rachel. It will go by so fast.
    I have no regrets from my years as being a stay-at-home mom. And that’s a great feeling.

    I used to fret about it. And then one day at my Dr’s. My doctor, who was a mom of five and had her last child at 38, AND then went to medical school, told me to enjoy this time at home and to not let anyone (or myself) make me feel guilty.

    I’ve always remembered that, and really quit feeling guilty about our choice for me to be at home with our kids!

  5. Your ‘JAM’ time sounds like the perfect day to me! And I’m proud of you for being proud of who you are and what you do – I could definitely take a lesson from you!

  6. Kat

    I love that while her hand hurt from holding the ice…she’s still holding it as she is crying and telling you that it hurts.

  7. Thank you for this! I’m hoping I find my JAM soon 🙂

  8. Yep.. I think i’m there with you! I have had my shop open for probably about a year now, and with the little one getting a little older, and me home-pre-schooling the middle one this year, it’s winding down. And, I love it!! That bathtub idea is a good one !

  9. Rachel, I don’t normally comment, but I felt a need to reach out to all of those who think they are JAM. I understand the premise of JAM-hood, but never sell yourself short on being just one thing. I once had to write an essay of just nouns that described myself, from woman to aunt to athlete to friend to daughter to niece to human to dog-lover to you name it. It really makes you think of all those things special that make you who you are. Some JAMs start feeling like being a mom is the only thing that makes them who they are. We often joke about being JAM, and then those jokes start consuming us. Embrace motherhood, love it, live it, enjoy it…but always remember who you are.

  10. As always, it is so good to be reminded of how quickly the time goes with our children and to savor it. I often wish I could be JAM, but our budget calls for an extra income, and so I find myself working from home (teaching online). I complain, I moan, I groan, and then I shake it off and count my blessings (when I’m full and rested, that is; when I’m not, the first three take place more often than I’d like). And then! I discover I have “JAM friends” who tell me: “I wish I could work from home like you and bring some income in and contribute and….” and I sigh and tell them it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be, but I do appreciate that the grass sometimes seems greener on the other side. And I count my blessings again. Thanks, God.

    I don’t know where I was going with all this, but thanks for letting me reflect. I love being a mom. It’s absolutely the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  11. I admire you for taking a step back to figure out where your priorities lay and how you need to adjust them. You’ll find that things may change in a few months so reevaluation is constant. I was all set up to start my blog last summer, but after taking out condo off the market we got a buyer! The blog went out the window as we sold, moved in with Mom, looked for a house while I also looked for a new job. It just wasn’t the right time.

    On another note,I love the colored ice for the bathtime! We rarely do bathtime these days, but Abby has suddenly discovered that Mom can put a tub of water on our deck and now that is all she wants to do! We might have to borrow your idea for “pool time” tomorrow!

  12. I want to JAM! Too cute. And props on the creativity.

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