monday light

*I realize that there was another post today on “Monday Light” day, but that was written several days ago and auto-posted before I could post this one.  Oh well.  I had a headache this morning and auto-post wasn’t my friend.

1.) I have a love affair with succulents.  I have since we got married 7 years ago and my only option were cacti, for the 5 by 5 patio we had….  They make me happy and, once again, remind me that God is a beautiful artist.  


2.)I was able to do all my shopping for the next two weeks and stuff it ALL in this adorable Trader Joes reusable bag.  FRUGAL FRANCINE is still in full effect and lookin’ fabulous while doing it!  (PS–how are you coming with your FF Challenge #1?)


3.) My veggie garden (while sprouting alot of weeds) is starting to show some serious progress.  My tomatoes and green beans are especially growing.  I can’t wait to use my home-grown goodness!

4.) Ongoing traditions with friends and family are one of the most important things in my life.  One of our annual traditions is to hit up the OC Fair with the LeMonniers.  It’s fun to look back on Mary and I’s discussions each year as we sit and eat.  

Good friends.  Food.  Laughing.  Watching the progression of our families and seeing them grow.  Amazing.



5.) I’m thinking of doing some blog posts on several topics.  If you have any thoughts, feelings or opinions about the state of child-birth in America, C-sections or anything related to birth in general, email me! (And don’t feel like you have to edit your opinion for me….you can be as honest as you would like.)

6.) Free is always good. Mondays is FREE McCAFE day at McDonalds.  I chose the iced version.  YUM.  Insert some fun into your otherwise “frugal” day!  



7.) Someone just barfed, while riding a bike down my street.  Awesome. 


Happy Monday!



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8 responses to “monday light

  1. Dad

    Birth……I can say without a doubt that the best day of my life and for the world for that matter was when I was born…..near perfection only comes around once in a blue moon……it has been difficult to relate to all of the unfortunate “others” I have interacted with in my life, but fortunately I was also blessed with a measure of compassion…….LOL!!:):)

  2. truly amazing that all your groceries fit into that bag!!

  3. Mary L.

    Love the cacti in the top picture. I didn’t know I would ever describe a cactus as adorable!
    My FF#1 challenge is going well. This challenge has been good in that I stop myself from buying more of something I already have at home-like cereal or ice cream.
    Is it free at McDonald’s every Monday??
    And hahaha to the last one.

  4. love the TJ’s bag. i got a new one yesterday and was informed that everytime i bring it in or buy one i will be entered into a raffle! whoo hoo!
    FF#1 is going well. just bought a bunch of produce and meat. only one pantry item but only cuz the recipe called for crushed tomatoes and all i had was tomatoe paste…. but other than that am doing good!
    will be emailing u my thoughts on birth….expect a short novel into your inbox! 🙂

  5. Did ya know I had a midwife and did homebirth?!

  6. lauren

    Don’t worry…I’m still planning on emailing you about the birth thing…It’s gonna be good! 🙂

    Just so much I want to say!!!

  7. I just did a spit-take with my morning tea while reading the last line of this post. So freaking funny!

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