ILV {i love vintage}

Estate sale shopping began at 8am.  

Some good finds, I must say.  Not the best it has ever been, but still.  I am pretty pleased.

$1.00 travel makeup case:


$5.00 Olympia Typewriter (a last minute find and my favorite of the morning):


A pleasantly printed umbrella for $1.50:


A very vintage book of Christmas carol music for $5.00:


A 1963 Fisher Price “Hickory Dickory Dock” toy for Miss K. $4.00…..(sidenote: as I was purchasing this, the woman running the estate sale mentioned a woman from the day prior.  She said that the woman picked up the toy and while she was listening to music, she began to cry.  When I heard that, it hit me again why I love vintage items so much. The past holds memories.  It illicits feelings and emotions and allows us, although hard at times, to recall the wonderful parts of our history and life).


And a special vintage item that came in the mail for me this week from the most fabulous Joanne.  I love you, girl! You made my day!!:


I tease with my husband and friends that I have an imaginary store that I shop for.  A pretend, vintage store where all my pretties are lined up and waiting for the right house.  And then I realize that my garage actually LOOKS like a store, for peets sake.  Its like a warehouse. I once saw a blog do an online “estate sale”.  Maybe I should do that.  Until then, this is what the garage has begun to look like:





Oh well. At least shopping is “free”.

Happy Saturday!



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16 responses to “ILV {i love vintage}

  1. Rachel you have some amazing stuff in your garage! I want to go estate sale shopping with you… I would love to get some vintage luggage!!!

  2. Elma

    OH Girl what finds!!! I love them all!! SO all the stuff in your garage are they going back in your house?? What about the luggage where is that going to go?? You know you could sell your extra’s on your blog:)

  3. Your garage cracks me up…I’m telling you, you could rent the stuff out and have a pretty little business (w/o much work, probably.)

  4. when the store officially opens I have first dibs on the blue swag lamp and the wooden bench/loveseat.


  5. Back at the current post. Such lovely vintage finds. I’m especially drooling over the typewriter.

  6. So when I come to SoCal, we need to go thrifting/garage sale-ing/estate sale-ing. And maybe shopping at Fashion Island. And then maybe a picnic at the beach.

    And I’m so not kidding!

    Love you back,

  7. you definitely have a good eye for wonderful finds!

  8. Michelle Eastman

    I have been meaning to ask you what you actually DO with all of these “finds”! ;o)

    I am a suitcase finatic as well by the way.

  9. If you ever do an online estate sale FOR SURE let me know! I’m all over that!

  10. Mary

    I still can’t believe that that suitcase was only $1!! Does the typewriter work?

    Who won the goods, by the way?? 🙂
    ❤ you!

  11. Great finds! That make up case brings back a lot of memories to me because my grandmother has one just like that and still uses it to this day! 🙂

  12. jenn

    i really want to go with you SOOOOON!! we should make that happen a-s-a-p!!!


    ps-love the vanity mirror and brush set in the last photo…SO cute!

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  14. Erica

    OMG those heart chairs are amazing! Where did you score those!?

  15. Very cool finds! As far as a store…maybe you could do like a semi-annual sale…and set it up cute and boutique like…not garage sale like. You know…display and merchandise…involve friends and have them sell stuff, too. Serve lemonade and kettle corn…I don’t know…it could be fun!

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