Day One-Beijing {some notes and a fun treat for you}

Hey everyone!

Before I report on our STAYCATION, a few notes:

*Thank you so very much for your encouraging cards/notes and emails regarding my “saying goodbye” post. Thanks for letting me be open, candid and honest with you.  The community it creates is amazing to me.  My very favorite part about blogging, by far.

*In regards to the “organic” post….LOVE IT!  Thanks for all of your suggestions, opinions and thoughts.  I have been able to have great conversations with several people I admire on this topic and they are teaching me, informing me and educating me.  The idea of living a “cleaner” life (in regards to food, home and material goods) is easier and more fun than I thought.  I have already made a trip to the market to reevaluate the way we buy and look for alternatives.  I look forward to learning more.



(and yes, I know that some things I used/bought are decidedly Japanese, but I didn’t have an unlimited budget, so, it is what it is….) I wish I could show you everything, but here is a snapshot.

*I almost always incorporate trivia into an event. There is always more to learn….


*Fun treats for the day.



*We watched kung-fu and Chinese subtitled movies all day.  


*Authentic fans, chopsticks and what-not’s from China.


*Homemade beef and veggie stir-fry and chicken potstickers for lunch!  YUM!


*Miss K used chopsticks all day.


*Dinner with our friends, the LeMonniers at a local Chinese restaurant.  The waiter was rude, the dessert was bizarre and there was a floating glove in the fish and lobster tank. My type of place!






Sean and I have decided to have a MONOPOLY Tournament this week.  Yep.  That’s right.  We have already played a game today (where Sean handsomely kicked my behind) and we will play eight games in total (one tie-breaker if needed).  We will report each day, but I was TICKED and will exact my revenge tonight in game #2!!!

And a little fabulosity coming your way:

For every comment you leave from now until Friday, I will put your name in a hat to win a most ridiculous box of goodness.  Packaged by yours truly.  With tons of delights, trinkets and assorted goodies, relating to our STAYCATION. Modern and vintage. Edible and useable.  

Trust me.  You will want it. 





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41 responses to “Day One-Beijing {some notes and a fun treat for you}

  1. Kat

    So if I leave 50 comments a day….

  2. mandy

    im in awe of your creativity rach! what a great idea 🙂

  3. Well all I can say is I’m glad Sam Woo was an adventure for you, something to remember the day by, right? Was the food as terrible as the service? I hope not! Sidenote: I’ve never been there before and maybe now I won’t go?? And the lunch looks divine.

  4. Me

    Where did you guys go for dinner?

  5. not that I need to be “bribed” to leave a comment or anything but a box of goodness from YOU! wooooo whooooooo honey! love me K chopsticking away!!

  6. Julie

    I love the monopoly tourney!!! Hope you win tonight!

  7. You forgot to shop at Sam Moon………you should check it out for sure. I think will get you there.
    Ooooh, Greece….I wanna go along!! I’ll be there! And how many comments can we leave…..I may need to leverage my luck!! Wait, my fortune cookie says winning is in my future!! 🙂


  8. PS – the “Me” comment above is actually Melissa. Just wanted to clarify that. And does this count as yet another entry for the grand prize?

    (I hope so)

    Looks like you guys had fun – can’t wait to see what you do tomorrow? Will you be watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding on a loop? What about Mamma Mia?

  9. Mary

    Because I am a total nerd, I found this link for you: (How to Win at Monopoly). Hope it helps! Thanks for the fun tonight! I’ll never forget that purple, warm, thick, bean, rice, dessert soup. Mmmm…

  10. So this is all beyond fun! I am so glad that you are doing daily blogs about your staycation! I can’t wait to see where you went today!

  11. Nicole

    Looks like fun! Did Sean’s mom give you anything for today? Loved all the little thoughts- must have taken so much time and effort!

  12. I am so excited to live vicariously through you on this staycation!! (I am going to have greek food tomorrow and join along!!)

    p.s. I love your bangs.(I know I am a little behind…..)

  13. Edible? Count me in! Looks like it’s going to be a fun week. 🙂

  14. I love it! Ok, at first, I will admit, I was like ‘what in the world is a staycation’.. sounded like too much work for me. BUT, I have been proven wrong, and you ROCK! I might have to partake.. Then again, Logan is, as we speak, in the bathroom puking. So, it may have to wait! Keep your fingers crossed and prayers too that no one else catches it!!!

  15. you are so creative!!! i’m not really surprised at how fun it looks but I totally envy your creativity and it looks like you had a blast!
    can’t wait for Greece! one of my fav. future vacation spots! i love this idea and will definitely be trying to come up w/ ideas for Cam’s breaks this year!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  16. The whole staycation is the greatest idea EVER! Next year I will definitely have to try it out! 🙂

  17. Oh my goodness, if we played Monopoly everyday for a week we would require a non-virtual trip to a marriage counselor. 🙂

  18. Hooray for “staycations”! It sounds like a fabulous week is planned! I love how you did a country & theme…..very, very creative!!!

  19. noelle

    everything looks like so much fun! such a great idea…LOVE that you watched Forest Gump w/ Chinese subtitles!!! LOL!

  20. gina

    I’m excited that you had such “fun” at the Chinese restaurant….sounds pretty authentic to me!!! It was a cultural experience, no? 😉 You’re awesome Rachel. Looks like you guys had a fun trip today.

  21. So is Sean taking the whole week off? That’s what it sounds like!

    Can’t wait to hear all about Greece. Mmm…the Greek isles…wish I’d been old enough to appreciate them more when I was there!


  22. Michelle Eastman

    I am so proud of you, Rach – what a fabulous tradition and memory for your family.

    And you are certainly going to inspire others to step out of the box and try something new and creative.

    You make me better!


  23. Janelle

    you are one of the most creative and fun loving people i know and it is one of my favorite things about you! (besides being hot and fabulous)

    thoughts –

    1. don’t you love eating with chopsticks?? i feel dainty and enjoy the challenge…is that weird?

    2. please tell me that at some point you busted out some sort of kung fu move?

    3. I love you. when are you writing a book?

  24. What a great idea!!! My babysitter used to do something similar everytime she watched us, and I think that definitely inspired me to explore new countries as I got older! I’d gone to 11 countries by the time I was 18–still have a lot left to see! This is totally something I want to do when I have kids!

    and Tsingtao is my favorite beer–a must with Thai or Chinese food!

  25. Erica

    Ugh! I just love your “staycation” idea! You really got creative with the snacks and decor! Where did you find those movies?

  26. How fun! Lasting family memories for sure.

  27. Looks like SO much fun!!!
    Good luck on the game tonight! 🙂

  28. You are such an inspiration! So much time, thought and energy into such a special unforgettable week for your family! I love that K ate with chopsticks and I’m impressed that the floating glove didn’t throw you off your plans. 🙂

  29. I love your blog and thought I’d take this chance to tell you so (nothing like a giveaway for inspiration). I get behind on your blog and then spend way too much time catching up on old posts. Thanks for being inspiring.

  30. YES I love that shirt! I have it too!! TARGET!!! doesn’t it look so wonderful on? Everyone asks if I made it… HAHAHAHAH

  31. I love your creativity Rachel! I especially love that you are “going all out” for your sweet family of 3 and not just because you’re having 50 people come along or anything (though judging from the comments it seems many would like to!) You’ve inspired me to remember that the most important members of my “audience,” are the ones living within the same 4 walls I do…thank you!

  32. holdingontowater


  33. Do you both actually like Monopoly? I just can’t do it more than once a year 🙂

    Looks like fun! Can’t wait to see tomorrow!

  34. You have so much energy! What a creative idea. I just don’t know if I could do it, but it is inspiring.

  35. Your Brother

    I think that its nice that you took my idea and everyone in the world thinks your so great and creative and waiting in line to buy your book.


  36. This is a RIOT! I love how you’ve made it all so fun…and so special! I am loving the themes… This is a good way to have some fun without breaking the bank…I think I may do something similar for my family …just to liven things up around here a bit before school starts! Can’t wait to “see” Greece!!

  37. Erica

    How did Miss K. dig the Hello Kitty snacks? They are yummy I know 🙂

  38. Beijing looks like alot of fun and I can’t believe how well Miss K. is doing with those chopsticks. I still can’t figure out how to use them. Looking forward to the rest of your vacation!

  39. What? No Beijing Olympics?

  40. jenn

    i am obsessed with several things:

    1)chop-stick pic – looks like Miss K uses them like i do, stab the food then eat!

    2)good will hunting in sub-titles – HIlarious!

    3)homemade pot-stickers…must learn!

    4)the fact that a give-away brings out the comments…hehe!

    5) YOU!

    that’s all for now…xo!

  41. I’m so doing the staycation. This looks like to much fun to pass up. Where shall my family and I go? Decisions. Decisions.

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