some vintage love from the homies.

I haven’t been posting lately about my vintage obsession.  It’s not for a lack of accumulation.  I have plenty of outlets, people and places that feed my addiciton…thankfully.  I will start posting about it more.  Because I just love it.  Everything about it.  And Im learning more about antique and vintage shopping.  I wish there were classes you could take to become more educated about it.  I would enroll in a hot second.


I wanted to say thanks for a few recent acquisitions from my fabulous friends…..

My cousin in law, Heidi, dropped by a huge box of books, (ANY day is better when that happens) filled with vintage delights. A visit from Heidi would have been treat enough, since she is one of those people that I could talk to forever…. I couldn’t photograph all of the books, but there are some spectacular finds.  Old craft books, cookbooks and more. I was so happy and have already picked out what I will be making for my nieces, for Christmas, from a 1960’s craft book.  It is sensational!  Thanks Heidi–you made my weekend! 

dinner party2


The ever lovely, Nicole, picked me up this fantabulous PYREX, at a yard sale. Sean came home with it one Sunday night and it was filled with cookies!!! Nicole has this little tradition that no container can be given to someone without something in it.  And honestly…Nic’s cookies are the best I have ever had.  Honestly.  I promise.  Swear.

I was in heaven and have already used it like 3 million times.


And then of course, there is MAA.  My fellow vintage lover and friend from afar.  I wish we lived closer.  We would link arms and go skipping from one estate sale to the next….I just know it.  But alas…she lives in Ohio.  So we live on handwritten notes, packages and emails.  Its good enough for me.  

She sends me at least a package a week.  Why is she so decent and good to me?  I don’t know…but she has won my love and affection through her kindness…so much that I entertain her nudging to move to Ohio and spend the summers sipping lemonade and quilting together.  This week I received a small little Mary Poppins that sits on my windowseal in my kitchen.  I look at it every day, think of MAA and send a little prayer for her ETSY store, that people will buy everything in it.  Because it, and her, are truly fabulous. MAA–you. complete. me.


More vintage to come!



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7 responses to “some vintage love from the homies.

  1. There is no question that Heidi rocks – she is awesome!

    I love all your goodies – can’t wait to see more!

  2. I love the little Mary Poppins – adorable! I’m so glad you can use the books I dropped off. That’s the best gift of all, knowing that something I don’t need is being re-purposed. Win, win, win!!!

  3. Mary

    I really like Nicole’s container philosophy! I am so going to steal that one! 🙂

  4. That pyrex is AWESOME! I was going to write “sweeeet” but things like that sound very silly coming from me. Things like,”Yo, yo, yo, what up, cuz!” I just can’t say that stuff. But “sweeet” is what I meant! 🙂
    So fun.

  5. I have that same Pyrex, but mine is a stacking set of three!

  6. If you come to OHIO, I might teach you some tricks of the trade. 😉 Just pop open your brolly and fly over for a visit, love!

  7. jenn

    i want to spend a day going through all your cook books with you (vintage AND otherwise)!!

    this is GREAT!

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