cooking up a storm

First off….

Thank you so much for dropping by yesterday and sending Sean and I some love.  Really.  It was so nice and at the end of dinner, Sean said, “read me the comments off your blog!” (since he doesn’t have the luxury of checking the blog in between laundry cycles, as I do) and we had a fantastic time going through them.  It really meant alot to us. Thank you. Thank you.

It made me cry just reading them, because I am hormonal  my day.



I have been in the kitchen! Cleaning out the pantry has proven a challenge, but one that allows me to get creative and have some fun!  Thanks for all that have joined in!

*****SAVINGS ALERT!!  Strawberries (16 ounces) are just .77 cents right now******

Here are just a few pics of the participants pantries.  We have dozens of people participating (lots are camera shy), which means there will be money saved everywhere!!:







Elma: (and PS…I almost DIED when Elma sent me this. Look at her vintage PYREX!)



I have had a few people email and mention some of the foods they are trying to make from their pantry and most with great success, so keep up the good work, ladies!! Please send me any recipes you feel would be helpful and I will forward them like it’s HOT!!


While trying to clear out my pantry and make meals for the family, Mary and I decided to get together and do some bulk cooking.

What do you need?

Yummy ingredients……check:


Bare feet and baby on hip……double check:


Sassy apron (thanks JJ) that you can find HERE and own forever!:


Some disposable baking tins (I found 3 for a buck at the DOLLAR TREE):


And get to cookin!

We made two casseroles–and for those of you who aren’t big on casseroles….well… dice.  I love em’ and am convinced that they make a belly happy, so, sorry.  I DO think that you can make them healthy if you want to substitute ingredients, but like they say…moderation is key, so only have one slice (of ooey gooey goodness).  And seriously….WHO can turn away a slice of Burrito Casserole?  Even Mary’s husband (who is a chef) requests that one.  It’s too yummy.

Just don’t light things on fire like we did… (yep. thats the recipe we burned. oopsie) :


All in all, I went home with 6 meals to rotate and had a great time with a friend.  Try it!

If you want the recipe for Burrito Casserole, email me/comment and I will send it your way.  The other recipe we made was from our favorite Pioneer (and no, I don’t mean Martha.  She’s soooooo 2008).  

It’s YUMMO and worth trying.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow with some bits and bobs.





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4 responses to “cooking up a storm

  1. Oh, so sorry to have missed this little series….what a great idea! And so sweet of your hubby to want to know what the comments are!! Love that!

    ps. GREAT idea to share the load and cook together!

  2. DAD

    All I have for lunch today is a apple(I already ate two apples and three plums) and some Uncle Ben’s Instant Rice, so I look at all of this and am already hungry!!:(:(

  3. emily e.

    Hey Rachel! I never commented, but I am totally trying to work the pantry down to a reasonable size! Thanks for the encouragement and ideas!

    I would love the burrito casserole recipe, if you get a chance!

    Thanks! Hope you’re having a splendid Tuesday!


  4. Kathy

    Ooh, ooh! Me, me! I would love the recipe for burrito casserole. Thanks so much for your inspiration! I am just so tired of the same few cheap recipes. Anything new is appreciated right now.

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