Frugal Francine Domestic Challenge Reminder


**I have been asked about the produce and how I can only spend 10 bucks a week–1.)I look for the stores flyers in the mail and buy whatever produce is on sale and use that.  We (and Miss K too) are not picky with which fruits and veggies we will eat AT ALL and so eat any/all.  2.) We also have an orange/avocado tree in the backyard (which i think is starting to sprout again) and TONS of canned peaches, pears, oranges, pineapples that we have stockpiled, not to mention loads of frozen veggies we have accumulated. Eventually I will have to up the produce cost, but until we have used all our canned/frozen stuff, we will buy what is on sale and use what we have.  3.) SPROUTS and Trader Joes usually has some really good deals (3 tomatoes for 1$, good price on green beans, peppers,broccoli etc) and we also buy big fruits and cut them up (watermelon and cantaloupe is CHEAP right now and it lasts for awhile).  SPROUTS has great deals on leafy greens and veggies.  I have found that my daughter MUCH prefers veggies and fruits to starch (bread, sandwiches, crackers), so the produce cost will eventually have to go higher because we will peel through what we have quickly.**

Start your engines–

The challenge begins today, so get creative and start depleating your pantry.

Thanks to those of you who have joined and who have sent me pics of your pantries!  If you still want to play along, join in and read what its all about HERE.

Let’s get cooking!

*I will be posting more about the challenge on Tuesday with pics and some recipes/ideas*



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8 responses to “Frugal Francine Domestic Challenge Reminder

  1. Elma

    Oh wonderful!! Do you happen to have some simple ideas for hamburger and how about crock pots?? My kids are sooooo picky ( they get that from Al as he will only eat hamburger). Thanks

  2. I’m SO in! Food is a ridiculously high expense since I started buying gluten-free products and baking supplies. I have a stocked pantry most of the time since I only head all the way down to Whole Foods for GF stuff once in a blue moon. BUT, I definitely need to start using up my current supply before buying more. I recently spent a whopping 7ish bucks on a thing of potato flour only to get home and realize that I already had some…a brand new, unopened package no less.

    So, yes, I will take the challenge! I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen anyway, so this is great inspiration.

    How on earth do you only spend $10 per week on produce!?! Branden and I buy our own food, but that boy eats a ridiculous amount of produce. Even only buying what’s in season and on sale we spend way more than that. I should start keeping track and see what I can do about it.

    Do you just get coupons from the newspaper? Or do you have another source I might need to know about? I’m really interested in reducing our food costs, it’s outta control!

  3. This is such a great idea, I’m on camping vacation next week but I may well do my own ‘frugal francine’ when we get back! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh I LOVE the name of your blog! So nostalgic, that movie is the best.

  5. I’d be in in a heartbeat if my pantry were full. But it’s pretty bare since we just moved!

    However, in the past I have totally stockpiled food. If I needed one can of tomatoes, six cans must be better. Yes, it was nice to have lots on hand, but so unnecessary.

    So I’ve really tried to buy only what’s on the list, which is what I need to make the menus planned.

    It’s been expensive these past few weeks despite that, because I didn’t have sugar or flour or soy sauce or lemon juice or all those staples you just need.

  6. noelle

    our family eats a TON of produce every week – i like to chop it up and keep it in tupperware for the kids to have a quick easy snack. We eventually had to cut down – since we were spending over $50 per week on produce alone. then my sister-in-law told me about this market in long beach that has great prices on produce. so if you live close to long beach you should check it out – it’s called “low deal” – i wouldn’t recommend going by yourself 🙂 – but it does have inexpensive produce. We bought (5) bell peppers for under $2, (6) tomatoes for $1.50 and apples are usually around $.79 per 3lbs. I have noticed that some of their more popular fruit like nectarines or peaches has not always been the best quality – but the apples & veggies have always been great! the pineapples are only $1.50 each too – at Trader Joes they were $3 each. anyways – i was shocked for how much produce I could get for under $10!

  7. What a fun idea! I’ve recently been doing a similar thing with all of my bathroom supplies. I have drawers full of half-used shampoos, soaps, lotions and even free samples and hotel soaps. So, I’ve been making myself use up every last bit that I already have before I can buy another beauty product. Saving money, and relieving my stuffed bathroom drawers a bit too!

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