Kate McRae.

How blessed we are that we can intercede for one another. Come before the Lord and ask. Petition.

In addition to your prayers for your family, country, personal circumstances and those of your loved ones….

Won’t you please lift up this small girl, Kate?


5 years old.  Daughter to Aaron and Holly McRae. Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, a little over two weeks ago.

Here is a video of her parents, updating.  

In the midst of their turmoil….praising the Lord and bringing glory to His name. 

Truly amazing.

Here are some additional links you can visit to remain updated on their family and Kate’s progress.  They especially need prayers today and their youngest son has a growth on his vocal cords and will need surgery for it, as well.


Brian Wurzell

“For with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)



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3 responses to “Kate McRae.

  1. andrea

    Thank you for posting this story. I have been following her journey for the last few weeks, but didn’t know about her brother. Having been there, I would encourage everyone to continue lifting her parents up before the Lord. Such a difficult path to walk, watching one’s child so critically ill.

  2. jenn

    how heart breaking. i will pray pray pray!! thanks for sharing friend! loves.

  3. Michelle Eastman

    I always find it remarkable how easy it is to go through life assuming much. We assume we will wake up each day. We assume we will always be able to walk, see, hear, communicate. We assume our children will go to college and get married.

    And then we see stories like this and are stopped dead in our tracks.

    We are so arrogant.

    Who are we to think we get a full, long life with no problems or trials or hurts?

    Someone will always be sick. Someone will always be dying. And one day, it might be one of OUR someone’s …

    In that moment may we be found lifting our voices in praise and adoration to the living God who understands our suffering and is there to walk each step with us one moment at a time. Through every tear, every ache, every dark thought.

    This sweet little girl was created by Him with purpose and He will not call her home until “He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.”

    Thank you for the reminder that God is God and we are not.

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