just a spoonful

In preparation for November.



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11 responses to “just a spoonful

  1. Your Brother

    I love my miss k

  2. She is such a cutie pie! And super talented, too. =)

  3. Janelle

    whaaaaaaat?!!! why is your child the cutest ever?!

    can’t wait for MP!

  4. So cute! Made me smile–the big toothy kind! My kiddos were just watching MP as I drove down from the mountains today. Loved hearing it in the background.

  5. It’s even more fun that she is listening to it on vinyl!

  6. Her ponies make my day! Not to mention the UH OH at the end…

  7. AAHHH! The last 10 seconds are the best!!!!

  8. in THE most delightful way, indeed!

  9. Rachel, she’s so adorable it makes my ovaries twitch! I want one!!!

  10. That is an excellent demonstration of joy!

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