note to self.

When you make homemade cornbread and it is yummy deliciousness…..

don’t leave it close to the edge of the counter.  

especially when you have a hungry and lazy dog.

because this is what you come home to:




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12 responses to “note to self.

  1. oh my! i bet molly absolutely loved it! and i completely understand how that is! i left out a few sticks of butter to soften and when i came back the dog had eaten both, then threw them up. crazy animals.

  2. Stacy

    That is sooo funny!

  3. Kat

    I love this picture, it should be titled “evidence” and framed.

  4. Vicki

    I had the same thing happen to me, but it was a pineapple upsidedown cake. We went out to dinner with friends and then I invited them in for cake. Lucky for me they weren’t able to come because I had a big surprise waiting for me at home, about 3/4 of the cake had been eaten. Now I push anything left on the counter to the very back of the counter.

  5. Elma

    Oh boy I am sure your doggy had a wonderful full tummy:)

  6. My Jack is SO proud of Molly – He knows first hand how wonderful a belly full of bread is!

  7. We once had a big dalmation, his name was Free Press. Let me tell ya, this guy was almost as tall as the counters. Well, I made homemade bread (the hard way, not in a machine!) and had two big loaves cooling on the counter on a cooling rack. Well….he must have decided he liked the smell and the looks of those beautiful loaves and he ate them BOTH and then laid around tooting all night; laying on his back because his belly was so swollen. OH DID HE STINK. But now we laugh so hard about it because he’s gone and he gave us lots and lots of good memories!

  8. Oh, you’re totally talking about MY dog, aren’t you? He’s a master thief of all things on counters. He especially loves to steal entire loaves of bread, he needs Atkins!!

  9. Brenda

    I love it. Our dog, Boomer, is to lazy to jump on the counter, but he does love Bailey’s table and chairs. He likes to finish her breakfast after she has left the table!

  10. I came home to the same thing once. Except my story involved meatloaf. My motherinlaw’s story involves pumpkin pie, for Thanksgiving dinner.

    Neither of us got a kewl picture of it though. Kudos!

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