still shaking. life flashing.

Tonight, while Sean, Kensington and I were driving, we witnessed a horrible car accident.  

The car directly in front of us was hit and twirled around. It was then hit again by a car flying in the opposite direction, that proceeded to wrap itself around a street sign.  Cars were destroyed, airbags deployed, time stopped and my life flashed before my eyes.  

Had we been the car that was in front of us, Kensington would surely have been killed.  The impact to her car was obscene.

Had we left 5 seconds earlier, life would have been altered forever.  Perhaps taken from us.

When I realized this, sitting in our stopped car, watching fumes rise from the lifeless vehicles, I began to sob.  

My precious child was spared. My husband was spared. I was just spared. Five seconds late to a horrible accident.

And I can’t stop thinking that this, my dad getting cancer, death that seems to be so prevalent around me, the verse I read the other day about life being “but a vapor” and so many other discussions and thoughts….

This isnt a coincidence.

I’m being told something.  And I am listening.  

Listening to the little voice in my head…

“Rachel….live with intention.  Live with purpose.”



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12 responses to “still shaking. life flashing.

  1. Not your time, girly. We witnessed a bad crash on July 4th when traveling to my mom’s house and all we could think was…how glad we were we stopped to put the laundry in and how glad we were that Miss A took too long getting into her carseat. Without that delay who knows…

  2. What a frightening and terrible thing to witness. Makes me want to keep the kids at home all the time.

  3. Kat

    What an awful feeling to see such a horendous thing happen. I am so sorry you had such a jolt. But good for you to listen to God’s whisper. He is always there as a loving parents to use good and abd to teach us a life lesson.

  4. Michelle Eastman

    The best thing about experiences like this is that you are struck with the harsh reality that WE ARE NOT GOD and we have no more control over the end of our life than we had control of the begginning of our life.

    If the days written for your family had closed today you would be HOME sitting at the feet of the Lord in adoration and worship as you sang, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!”

    Whether it is a car accident or a mosquito bite that takes us out, none of it will happen without the Lord’s hand being in it as He has “hedged us behind and before”.

    There are no “what if’s” to deal with because they did not happen. Your life continued because the Lord is not finished with you ~ He has a future and a purpose for you and your family and He will continue to use you and perfect you until He calls you home.

    So strap up, sister – you have work to do!

    I love you!

  5. Your Brother

    Quite sobering coming home and reading this.

    1st thing I thought of out of all of this… was you crying. I know that sounds weird to most and that an accident or kensington… but no…

    I dont like the idea of my sister crying.

    2. Weve talked about this. If that happened, Id be soon to follow. And that would stink….(I think the Dodgers are going to win the World Series)

    Im SO glad that your ok…. that the fam is ok. You ARE my life…. you… and Vin Scully….I love you.

  6. I am so sorry. How terrifying! 😦

  7. *Shudder* What a thing to see, I bet you’re still shaken up…

    I wonder if the Lord is also saying that He has work for you to do that isn’t finished yet…you know He will be with you to bear you up…you still have Miss K to raise, and others to come also, I’m sure…so yes, I think it’s a lesson to all of us to live with intention and purpose, our lives are so short but so meaningful – and don’t let the possibility of death take away one moment of happiness and faith!

  8. Wow. I’m glad you hear you are ok though. I remember witnessing a car accident when I was a teenager. I was on family vacation and we were on a highway in the Midwest when a car going the opposite direction crossed the grassy middle part and flipped onto our side of the highway. I think that car was the only one involved, but I remember my parents saying the same things, “If we had been going just a touch faster…” “If we had left only moments sooner…” And so on. Being so close to such an accident truly makes you appreciate life.

  9. It’s so funny how we think we’re in control – as if we can control anything. You were five seconds behind because that’s the way he planned it. It couldn’t possibly have turned out differently.

    That’s really hard for me to wrap my brain around most days.

  10. Mary L

    Soooo scary!!! I’m so glad you are all okay!! It is super scary to witness an accident that close. I did once and I have never forgotten it.

  11. Just now read this and have goosebumps all over. Praising God you are safe and sound.

    With love,

  12. Wow. I’m so glad you’re alright.

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