a little less topical, but still fun

Hey readers!

Thanks for the response to yesterdays post.  I appreciated the many viewpoints and feel like I learned alot about each of you, just from your opinions.  I was flooded with emails concerning the issue-it was a zany day talking to some of you and I loved it!  When dealing with topical issues, the response is always great, so tell me…..do you have specific issues you would like discussed at CTL?  If you don’t want to leave it in a comment, email me.  I like to chat about things that interest you too!

On to some lighter faire….


Some ultra cute (at least i think so) videos of Miss K.  This girl cracks me up. And yes…I realized that we call Dr Suess’ Horton character an “elephant”, but is that what he is? And yes…that is my piercing, singing voice in the background.  Apologies.


My friend, April, graced the “pages” of Apartment Therapy’s “Kitchn” last week HERE.  She helped me plant my herb garden, so I was so pleased to see hers on such a great website (one of my fav’s).  Way to go April!


Tomorrow is COW APPRECIATION DAY at our favorite fast food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A. Are you guys as in love with that place as we are?  I’m working on Miss K’s costume today while she visits grandma and we will venture over for dinner tomorrow night!!  ANYONE wearing a cow uniform eats for free!  HUZZAH!


People, people, people…..are you OC Fair goers?  Sean and I go at least once a year and maybe more.  If you go, we HIGHLY recommend finding the TASTI CHIPS booth and immedialy purchasing several orders.  Eat them ASAP and thank us later.  IMG_6314

And then enjoy the rest of your time there–it opens tomorrow and the TC’s are calling my name.  That and the HALL OF PRODUCTS.


I want to buy this so badly that It hurt.  But I won’t.  


Weird question, but I have been thinking about it after I bought a bottle of my all-time FAVORITE perfume, a few weeks ago.  I received a gift certificate and was wandering through the store, smelling everything.  There were so many scents and I was overwhelmed, but intrigued.  It really does interest me why some people are so attached to scents (myself included).  Do they really like the scent, or more the time associated with it.

I have two favorite scents but tons of “runner-ups”.  

All time favorite (been wearing it for over 10 years). Clinique HAPPY.  They had me after the first commercial.  Its just “me”:

HAPPYAnd for my more classic alter-ego:

COCOI wonder how much of us are wearing scents due to personal attachment?  For instance, I ALMOST bought a bottle of SUNFLOWERS perfume the other day (laugh all you want), just to smell it again.  If I inhale, I will immediately be back in 9th grade, hanging out with Shanna.  Weird, I know.  And no….i didn’t buy it.  But, I’m not going to lie. I thought about it.  And don’t act like you havent wanted to buy EXCLAMATION perfume when you saw it at TARGET, just a little bit……

So, what do you wear and why?


Alright….that’s about it for the day.  I’m off to sew a cow costume and bake some choclate treats for some guests that are coming over tonight.

I hope you have an extra fancy day!



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15 responses to “a little less topical, but still fun

  1. First, LOVE the hall of products at the fair. We skip the midway and go straight for the slice ’em, dice ’em, chop ’em goodies. (We have amazing magic markers from the fair, as well as incredible nail polish pens that work like fine tip markers.) Of course, I always have to milk a cow first. Then the hall.

    I also love Clinique’s Happy and wore it for years. It’s just, well, happy! I’m all about a citrus scent. Though I’m currently sporting D&G’s Light Blue. And every once in a while, I use Hermes’ Un Jardin sur le Nil.

    And, oh!, Exclamation! But I always bought it at Walgreens.

    Can’t wait for cow pictures.

    I have a whole empty day with nothing to do and I’d better get to it. Think I’ll start with another cup of coffee…

    Lots and lots and lots of love,

  2. So many things to comment on I just don’t know where to start! Perfume–love wearing it and love how the scents bring me certain memories! My newest was bought on my 10th anniversary trip so it will always hold that new memory for me. The brand is Fresh and scent is Mangosteen. Love all the scents from Fresh, they are very light scents and they use herbs and fruits so I guess that is why I like them. The sugar lemon is delicious too! Wait, I just called a perfume delicious but it is 😉 I’m dying to go to the fair–so much fun! Keep the videos of Miss K coming…too cute. And I too have been lusting over the owl umbrella stand! Maybs we can go in on it together and have shared custody??

  3. Oh and thanks for the shout out! I was so excited to be on The Kitchn and I just found out they are sending me a book at t-shirt! Yowza!

  4. Dad

    So when are we going to go to the fair???????????? I want the grub and I want to see Sean and Mom go on all of the rides:):) You, me and Miss K can look up and laugh at them and thank the Lord that we don’t have to go up on any of the rides and barf all over the place!! HAHA

    • Your Brother

      Agreed….. I want to go to the fair as well.

      I cannot do next Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. After that…. lets rock and roll!

  5. so miss K has a future as a beat boxer??? love the lil noises they make on their own! I miss that!!
    Perfume –
    My problem is that when I was preggo I was very sensitive to smell and stopped wearing any at all for a while. I took a class on fragrance last fall and it was super fun. I learned all the different ways to make perfume ( if u ever want to watch a strange, creepy but highly educational movie watch, Perfume- its nuts!) I even made my own out of fragrance oils!
    There are certain scents (Bath & Body Works Pearberry for instance) that take me back to college and certain colognes that remind me of exes…..etc. I learned however, that most people pick a scent based on how it makes them feel and where the scent takes them in there mind rather than based on the actual notes used in the fragrance! Who knew!
    I’m always looking for a new perfume but since I have major allergies it’s super hard to find one I like that lasts all day! Perhaps one day, when I’m a grown up, I’ll choose one signature scent.
    But until then, I’m loving Flower Bomb by Viktor &Rolf! so yummy!

  6. noelle

    fun post 🙂 ah the perfumes – i’m there with you on sunflowers! so funny how a scent can bring back memories – CK1 brings back memories of 9th grade and Anchor Blue (which no longer exists) brings back memories of Jake’s cologne in 10th grade. Right now I’m wearing L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake – but half of the time I forget to wear it. I get in that thrifty mode of not wanting to wear it all the time – just for special occasions – but then I forget to wear it all together! I have a bottle of my dad’s cologne – still can’t smell it without crying – but it does remind me to make more of an effort to wear perfume more often – so when someone else smells it – they think of me 🙂 or when I smell a scent it will remind me of good memories with them 🙂

    Love the fair – heading there tomorrow!

  7. Yeah, Sunflowers! You know we were rockin’ it back in the day.
    And why is your baby so stinking cute! Was it just me or did she break out into a little beat boxing around 0:55? She’s go gangsta. 😉
    I’m down for some cow appreciation. But alas, my kids were not blessed with a seamstress mommy. =( Whatevs, we’ll go anyway!

  8. Mary L

    Love your kid!!! I only have 2 perfumes! One of them is a Rance violet perfume that is exactly like the perfume my mom wore when I was little. When I smell it, I can picture her leaning over to kiss me goodnight and tuck me in. And the other one is L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani. 🙂
    Yeah to April! Love her garden beds!

  9. Kat

    I am obsessed with smells. I am kinda weird about it. My poor husband loves me dearly and kindly runs all his cologne, soap and deoderant by me, because I can not sleep next to a man that doesn’t smell like my husband!!! ESPECIALLY if it’s any scent that reminds me of the pimp-daddy types in HS that would bath in thier cologne before school and make my eyes water all day.
    Sunflowers made me laugh…can’t believe they still make that. I remember a friend had that and I was SOOO jealous and would use it at her house all the time.

  10. well
    thanks ever~so for popping into my blog
    the other day
    i was at the beach
    {{ truthfully i am still there }}


    while i am not a mom
    and do not play
    on TV

    i enjoy your blog
    and will peek around


    if you do not mind…

    {{ oh,
    and do drop in again, missy }}

  11. I am so jealous that you are headed to Chick-Fil-A! Totally my favorite fast-food but the closest one is 2 1/2 hours away! Thankfully it is in my hubby’s hometown, so we went there last weekend on our 4th of July excursion! I was in heaven!

    I have perfume that I like but I don’t use it very much. I really love good smelling lotion though and my favorite is Irresistible Apple from BBW.

    Tasti Chips sound amazing…maybe we need to head to the fair this year 🙂

    Oh, and Horton is definitely an elephant! Have you heard the music from “Seussical?” It is AWESOME!

  12. I forgot, where are you going on your Staycation? If it’s anywhere in Europe I can help!

    Ahhh, perfume…my favorite is L’Occitane vanilla scent – which I just found out they don’t make anymore!! My heart is crushed. It’s a yummy deep scent that I wear in winter. My summertime favorite is DKNY Be Delicious (the green one). It’s nice and fresh and citrus-y.

  13. Kat

    BTW Chloe loved watching her friend dance. She was giggling up a storm

  14. I LOVE THE FAIR!!! I seriously can’t wait to go, I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

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