being the conversationalist



Yeah, I’m that girl at gatherings, parties and functions.  I chat it up.

I’m not quiet and I don’t sit and wait for someone to come talk to me.  

I’ll talk to a rock if I have to.  I like to converse. I like to learn about people.  I like to ask questions.  I like to hear people speak.  I’ve been known to spark a lively debate in public.  Sue me.

But, one thing I am learning about myself is that the conversation is not always “even”.  There has been 6 separate incidents in the past month where i wrote a post and surprised some close friends and family with stuff I wrote about.  I got “I didn’t know that about you!” and “Wait….how did I not know that?!”

I’m learning that being a conversationalist sometimes limits discussion about ones self.  Not that tons (or anyone) is super interested in me or what I’m all about.  That’s not what I am saying.  But I have realized that I love hearing about people and their lives so much that I generally ask question after question and rarely mention anything personal about myself.  Obviously there are exceptions, such as close friends and intense personal conversations. But on the whole, I would rather hear about someone else and their experiences than speak about myself.  I’m sure this is the same for most people.

Which lends itself to me hearing alot, “I didn’t know that!”  and “I wouldn’t have guessed that.”  Even before I blogged I would get this frequently.

I feel guilty about it sometimes, actually.  Like I should draw a time-line graph for people (like the ones you drew in 4th grade, outlining the presidents of the United States or when the California Missions were established) of my life and what I have actually done, so they don’t seem surprised.  

So here are some high and low points for you to know.  And if you couldn’t care less, than you prove my point that it is much more interesting for me to hear about YOU than for you to hear about me.  Thus validating the fact that I don’t bring picture albums to each party to highlight my existence.

But now you can’t say I never told you .

*I was a nanny for 9 months.  For two kids.  I almost had elective, irreversible surgery to avoid child-bearing, as a result.

*I met George Lucas.

*I have a learning disability.  I have dyslexia.  I can’t take scantron tests and am considered a “disabled student” when applying to Universities. 

*I was a professional gift-wrapper.

*I smoked for almost a year of my life in my late teens.  (Insert sobs of disappointment from my parents, extended family, past Sunday school teachers and extremely conservative friends) I stopped because I knew that If I didn’t sooner, rather than later, I would be addicted for life. And it kills your body and ruins your clothes and is just wrong. I was super convicted about it. But I loved it.  And I still miss it when I smell cigarette smoke.  Hey, we all have had a vice at one time, right?

*I am pretty legalistic when it comes to church attendance.  It isn’t why I wake up each Sunday morning and go, but it’s certainly motivation.

*I was a personal shopper.

*I get really sick of being lumped in with the stereotype that Christians are radical, judgmental and uneducated.  And the fact that people use that stereotype as a reason not to believe or dismiss biblical teachings. Oh, and when people think they are being funny and make fun of my salvation because somehow it attaches me to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Bill O’Reilly or any other uber-right wing conservative.  Because I must love all of them SO MUCH. 

*Sadly, I think that the growing trend is that Christians are the biggest liability to the Christian faith.  So, I am dead set on reversing that.  

*I think that my biggest pet peeve is when people are late.

*I like snow globes.

*I traveled to the World Cup in 2006 with a friend and my husband and it was an amazing trip. I don’t understand people that don’t like to travel. 

*I drink 3 day old coffee.  I don’t like to waste it.

*I went on a missions trip to Guatemala that changed my life in several ways.

*I like to write messages on mirrors and under stamps.

*I get air and sea sick.

*I secretly would love to start a game night where all we play is Bible Trivia (the 1980’s version), but know that my friends would laugh at me and not come. Maybe not Mary.  She would wipe the floor with me.


There you go.  Thrilling, wasn’t it?

Is there anything about you I should know?  Surprise me. 



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17 responses to “being the conversationalist

  1. Mandy Christiansen

    I LOVED this! The only things I really know are from the blog! And I knew that you were chatty (just like me) after Aaron’s party! I enjoy our “blog” friendship and learn so much from you!!

    We could talk for days on Christianity! It would be fun!

  2. I’ve met George Lucas too! The only thing I didn’t know about you on that list was the dyslexia thing. What?! How did I not know that?
    I think I’m pretty much an open book…I can’t think of anything I could tell you that you don’t already know. Hmmm….

  3. they call me tammy talks alot……i am SO that girl.
    i didn’t know about the dsylexia either. i read it on a previous post of yours but was surprised when I read it!
    I think i’m pretty open and will tell almost anything.
    I spent most of my late teens and early twenties partying and meeting musicians.
    I’ve met most major hip-hop & r&b recording stars from 1999-2002.
    I LOVE trivia – sports, music, random stuff doesnt matter.
    I am a beacon of useless information 🙂 ( hence the love of random trivia)
    and i really enjoy your blog – thanks for encouraging ME to have one too!!!

  4. Your Brother


    I SWEAR I will come play Bible Trivia. Seriously. It would make me SO convicted. I will come and play. We can do the answers on a scantron. Ill bring the smokes 🙂

  5. Amber

    I only saw my father once, on accident. In Laughlin NV.

    I believe God used a NIN song to convict me and bring me to my knees and wake me up to my stagnant relationship with Him and the direction I was going in my life.

    I struggle with my faith on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

    I get scared that all of the wonderful things in my life will go away, just because everything is “too perfect” right now.

    I have always been more comfortable around the elderly than people my own age.

    God has shown Himself to me in some pretty crazy ways.

    I completely agree with your previous statement that Christians are a detriment to Christianity.

    … just a few things that you or others might not get from me in a quick conversation. 🙂

  6. Patti

    I will absolutely come play bible trivia. But only if I can be on Mary’s team.

  7. Mary L

    YOU DRINK 3 DAY OLD COFFEE???? How did I not know this about you? That goes against all of my barista training.
    Hmmmm…something you didn’t know about me…I talk way too much and I’m pretty sure you know everything! Oh, I am an 8th cousin of George Bush! (My dad is way too into genealogy and I’m pretty sure everyone is if they look hard enough.)
    And, call me when it’s Bible Trivia night. I’ll bring the unleavened bread.

  8. So fun! Love learning little tidbits about people.

  9. Love it! Very fun! And: “*Sadly, I think that the growing trend is that Christians are the biggest liability to the Christian faith. So, I am dead set on reversing that. ” – I totally agree. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately… Too much going on in my head to say much more than that. But I agree!

  10. Aw, this was great! I didn’t know any of those things about you anyways! And I completely and wholeheartedly agree with your views of being Christian vs. how Christians are perceived. Welll said- I could never have articulated that!

  11. Nicole

    So fun and made me think about things about myself and realized I am pretty blah. So here is one tidbit- all through junior high my grandmother would pick me up as I walked home from school and we would have a snack (usually Coscto muffins) and play cribbage and pinochle during her coffee break from work. There are so many days I miss her and all we did together, I loved living so close to her( across the hill)!

  12. I hate it when people are late. I hate being late. Sometimes I am embarassingly early. I have to wait in the car until someone else comes. I don’t have one pet peeve. Actually, I’m quite peeve-ish!

  13. I have a pencil collection. I know…so geeky! I’ve been collecting pencils since I was young. Although, their not your average #2’s they’re from places like the WA monument and Hershey Penn. I could do a blog post on that alone!

  14. Ditto on the Guatemala trip. What a great experience. and (maybe we should start a personal shopping company?)

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