boredom makes me do weird things.

***Excuse the post that was posted and then deleted.  I have these on auto-post (so I don’t have to post during the day), but it screwed up a little.  Apologies****


So….I cut bangs.  On a whim. Beacuse a girl on tv had them and I wanted to try.

And I’m not sure I like them. But I kinda really do.  They make me feel sassy.  Like Gidget.

Oh, and I cut them with fabric scissors.  Dull ones. 

Please tell me you do weird stuff like this too.  Please.

Photo 23



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23 responses to “boredom makes me do weird things.

  1. Charlene

    I did the same thing while getting my last trim….went home thinking ‘What was I thinking’. After a couple of days, I loved them. You will too!

  2. Amber

    I do that all the time! I don’t know when the last time someone professionally cut my bangs. I have always cut them out of frustration or boredom…, you look adorable 🙂

  3. Never seen you before, but seriously, the bangs work! I’d love to have bangs, but that much hair around my already full (read fat) face is too much!
    rock it girlie!

  4. Kat

    I have a tendency to cut my own hair when I am emotional, or hormonal, or both. Yours looks awesome. I always wanted to try bangs but was told my widows peak would make them not work. Stupid widows peak.

  5. I do stuff like this too… and they look great on you!

  6. love, love, love! and i don’t know how many times i’ve just cut my bangs on a whim. i even just cut more bangs after i got them professionally cut!!

  7. you are a bored GENIUS my self cut bangs usually leave me in a weirder mood then when I started but yours are FAB!!

  8. Brenna

    That’s hot.

  9. Oh they are sassy! Very cute! I have to summon up all my self control when my bangs get long – NOT – to cut them – I always screw them up worse! :0)

  10. Sassy and totally cute!

  11. Mary L

    hahaha I ALMOST recut my bangs today. Love them on you! You look fab as always. 🙂

  12. love the bangs – so cute!

  13. Janelle

    I do love them! they are totally sass.

    ps. i also cut my hair when i’m bored…. a strawsburg gene???

  14. Dad

    I think they look great, but being that you are the most beautiful girl in the world…..well it just makes the best look better. I have been seriously thinking of a new “do” myself……I think I will go with the braided ear hair!!:):) HAHA

  15. That’s funny, because I am trying to grow out my bangs! You make me want to cut them again. 🙂 They look great on you–like a young Bridget Bardot!

  16. Adorable!!! and yes, I do things “on a whim” ALL THE TIME…pretty much how I live life! 🙂

  17. LOVES it!!! LOL!!
    1) you look too cute w/ the bangs
    2) i am totally guilty of doing this! I am notorious for cutting my own hair. usually late at night out of boredom or frustration. my hair dresser ( who is my good friend) has put a ban on me cutting my own hair at all times, somehow she can always tell! lol!

  18. I’m lovin’ the bangs…super cute!

  19. Yeah, Gidget – cute!

  20. You look cute– weird things yes, but I’m too tired to figure it out tonight… Happy 4th to you and your family!
    Thanks for the prayers, please keep them coming my way… I’m at peace.

  21. I love the bangs on you! I want some, but I am going to try to grow them for a bit.

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