i had to.

Snow White makes her way to the party…..










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12 responses to “i had to.

  1. So precious! Makes me want to have a little girl!

  2. Elma

    Snow white is soooo adorable:) Love the pictures!

  3. Mary L

    of COURSE you did! love love love!!

  4. Kat

    That’s awesome! Let the kids be kids while it’s still to dress up, you know? Everytime Serena walks out with some hideous…I mean….different outfit on, I remind myself that in about 5 years she’ll want to look like everyone else. I might as well enjoy the fashion freedom while she’s willing to express it.

  5. Oh my gosh! How cute!!

  6. oh my goodness. she is precious!

  7. too cute! hey, i sent you an email, but i don’t think it went through? couldn’t find a link 2 email u on your blog, so i was wondering if you could send me your email address… i had a question about some flags you made a while back, thanks!

  8. oh my, she is too adorable! and i love your pretty yellow top as well! what a great looking mommy and daughter 🙂

  9. OH. MY. GOSH. I am dying…she looks way too grown up. What a doll!

    P.S. You look super hot, too.

  10. So CUTE!! She looks more like her Mama every day!

  11. i love all these pictures. she’s so beautiful. =)

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