hear ye, hear ye…..



My husband and a bunch of his hooligan friends have started a blog!

If you weren’t aware, my husband is a HUGE fan of European football (read: soccer).  HUGE.  HUGE.

He has successfully brought over his friends to the darkside and now I can expect a group of 3 or more gentleman at my home, any given Saturday during season (which is 10 months of the year, mind you).  It’s always nice to walk into the living room at 6:45am, in my pajamas, to a bunch of guys jumping up and down. Bonding.

He decided to start blogging  “trials and tribulations of watching soccer stateside” with his friends Jason, Jacob, Shawn, Louie and Andy.

It’s funny, informative and interesting.

My husbands team is Manchester United (they’re way better than the other lame teams).

Check it out and learn a little about the obsession leisure activity my husband enjoys.

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7 responses to “hear ye, hear ye…..

  1. Well, my husband and your husband will certainly have plenty to talk about in September! (He’s a Man U fan too!) Boys and their toys & games – it’s so cute! :/

  2. It is an obsession. I apologize. Thank you for feeding this obsession. I love you.

  3. Dad

    Like Mary Poppins ain’t an obsession?? Guys will be guys…..at least we ain’t pub crawling….even though that sounds fun:):) HAHA

  4. HA HA HA HA HA – that is funny! I love the title of their blog!

    LOL at your Dad and husbands comments.. too funny! Tell them to leave the girly stuff to the girls and get back to their man blog!

  5. Mary L

    I love that he started this! It helps me stay up to date on what’s happening, too, as a good wife-of-obsessed-Liverpool-fan should!

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  7. noelle

    LOL – my poor husband has a rough season up ahead – stupid Magpies! He will however still enjoy watching the other teams. 🙂

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