Here fishy*fishy*fishy. And the 4th of July.

First off…..Miss K and I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific today.  It’s pretty sweet.  And I can imagine that it will only get better the older my child is.  I know this because of the 9,782 children that were running around me, from various summer camps and screaming, “This place is SA-WEET!” and “I LOVED THE SEALS THE MOST!” and “SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MY ICEE YOU DUMBFACE!”  Such happiness and supervision. So calm and peaceful.

But really.  Miss K hasn’t been this happy since we introduced her to chocolate and her Dora sippy cup.  Dare I say that it was better than Disneyland?  

Yep.  WAY more excited for the fishes.  And since waving her hands about wildly and slamming her body against the glass, Otter exhibit will only be cute for another few months, I’m going to visiting alot. She was in heaven. 




Thanks Sean for this wonderful surprise.



Since I am a lover of both holidays and anything American, I always look forward to the 4th of July. If it has to do with our great country and celebrating it’s existence, I’m in!  Throw in some illegal fireworks and “Americana” style food (potato salad, hotdogs, pie), I’m even MORE in.  Love it.

And as a lover of traditions in our small, but “hopefully to grow” family, I love to begin new things that my family will remember.  Not just for “tradition” sake, but for meaning sake.  Purposeful traditions.  Hey.  I like that.  PURPOSEFUL traditions! 

Anyways….what are YOU doing this 4th of July and if you have kids, what things will you do to remind them of the amazing country we live in?  Do you have special meals?  Activities?  Times of discussion/trivia?  Crafts?


AND….if anyone can answer me this, you get 100 gold stars (which means that I will think you are great.  Sorry no gift card.  It’s a recession.)…….

I have long wanted to get an American flag and have it hung in our front yard.  I know there are specific ways to hang it and also take it down.  I want to make sure that if I get one, I treat it respectfully and follow the rules, so if you have one or know about it, please let me know!

And as we get ready to celebrate the 4th….let us remember how TRULY wonderful it is to live in this country.  We should count it an honor to call the USA “home”.



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9 responses to “Here fishy*fishy*fishy. And the 4th of July.

  1. Sean

    Judging by the pictures it looks like we have a new favorite place!

  2. On the flag:

    On the aquarium: We have passes too! Let’s go together soon!

  3. It’s been too long since I’ve been there. My sweeties loved it, too.
    I love the 4th of July, too. I don’t know what we’re doing this year, but I know lots of yummy food and fireworks will be involved. You’re inspiring me to make some star-shaped, glittery cookies, too.

  4. HA ha ha – shut up and give me my icee you dumb face!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Kids..

  5. The aquarium pictures are gorgeous!

  6. The aquarium looks super fun! I bet my boys would love that. As for 4th of July, our community and city does a lot of stuff. HUGE Pancake breakfast at 7am (we get there around 8:30 or 9), a parade down Main Street, and fireworks at the university which start around 10pm, but our church group gathers around 8 to play games and visit. Last year was a blast! We can’t wait for this year! I think that this year I will add some more “Why We Celebrate” type things though.

  7. ascotfriday

    Hudson was there today as well! He loved it! He referred to all the fish as “ducks”!

  8. John got my Grandpa’s American flag which came with a list of the holidays on which you display it and the proper handling of it. We’ll bring you a copy. =)

  9. Heidi

    We’ve been passholders to the Aquarium since Hunter was 2! He’s now coming up on 8, and he still enjoys going. I just renewed for another year. It’s a great Sunday morning outing and, btw, if you get there when it opens on Sundays (9:00a), you virtually have the place to yourself. It starts getting crowded by 11a. The two best things: 1) I love the separate entrance for passholders and 2) most of your membership money is tax deductible (sweet)! Oh, and don’t forget to buy the discounted parking pass at the member’s entrance.

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