oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***I didn’t realize how ahead of the curve I was.  Apparently there was an episode on last night (after I posted this) and it has taken over the blogosphere, quite literally.  I have already been to like 15 blogs this morning “reporting” on this. No matter how sad the state of their situation is, I think we all should step back and in the words of Ice Cube…”Check yourself before you wiggity wreck yourself.”***


This post is for all the haters out there.  I think that all our eyes are getting a little itchy from the huge logs stuck in them.


Thanks, Jon.  This was a good one.  Keepin’ me correct.



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6 responses to “oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. acckk! jon & kate made me so sad tonite! 😦 makes my heart hurt just thinking about what all 8 kidlets will have to go through. divorce just plain sucks and i don’t know how anyone can say “they got what they deserved” about such a sad situation.

  2. I cried watching it tonight. I’m a child of two divorces and it’s just pure sadness. Those kids are about to grow up faster than they should.

    It’s easy to judge those putting their lives out there for everyone to see but I think what makes it so overwhelmingly sad is that they are real people. Nobody is perfect and I believe that they did the best the could, just like the rest of us. It breaks my heart though. It even brings back some pretty rough memories. I am just glad to see that despite their problems, they seem to be communicating well when it comes to their children’s best interests.

  3. I have never seen the show, and barely knew anything about it, but reading that post was a great reminder & puts so many things in perspective.

    I also know that in Christ there is always hope, it is never too late as long as we have breath. So while we see what the cameras let us see, it is always possible for Jesus to make beauty out of the ashes of this situation. Pray.

  4. I just read his post and it was so good. Thanks for sharing it. Praying for that family.

  5. I like the old school hip hop reference thrown in for good measure…

    Great post – such a reminder that sometimes we all need to be more compassionate towards one another. I would certainly like to think that I will not agree to a reality show about my life (although who would watch it? I have no idea….) or that I wouldn’t decided to have 14 children like Octomom. But there will be times I will make bad decisions or bad choices, and I can only hope I have friends and family that will be honest with me about those choices, but will also have compassion that I made a mistake.

    It’s like I tell my 3 year old – “we all make mistakes…”

  6. Jonathan

    Or as Too Short says Blow the Whistle
    Dr. Dre says “Aint nothin but a g thang”
    Notorious says “Mo Money Mo Problems”

    And oddly… these also all pertain to this in some way shape or form.

    Cant wait for it to be Octamom plus 8 and people REALLY freak out.

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