Monday Light.

Typically, I hear people say they hate Mondays, but I don’t.  Mondays are one of my favorite days, especially if it follows a great weekend.  Lots to reflect on and lots to look forward to.   Actually, each day of the week has something to look forward to, but the possibilities of a new week make me smile.   That being said….I’m finding that most of my Monday posts are more of a simple/picture-filled/wrap up type.  Basically because my brain is working at half speed.  So, that will reamin and be called “Monday Light”.  Deeper, meatier posts to follow.  Things that will make you think (or not).  But for Mondays……Fluff.

The weather report being what it is…..THIS happened yesterday afternoon and I think it will stay out for the remainder of the week:


Is it just because I’m a mom that kiddie pools and lounge chairs make me happy?  Because I would sit in that chair, soaking up the sun and splashing all day (with a slushy Diet Coke).  It’s just good livin’.


So–Spanish tapas night was a blast.  The marinated olives were yummy (if I do say so myself) and my cooked “mushrooms and peppers” was also great.  I have recipes for both if anyone needs them.  But really-I love eating this way.  Small bites, good conversation and a theme.  



And being with this gal is always a holiday.


And after we asked the obligatory questions, “how is work?, “how is life?”, “anything new going on?”…..we moved to the next ALL IMPORTANT (or not) question…”What are your all time favorite 10 movies?”.  That kept us going for about 3 hours.  Seriously.  Ask at your next party.  Its fun. 

What is your all time favorite movie?  Come on.  Tell me.  Mine is Mary Poppins, obviously….but I am a large fan of Dead Poets Society , Hoosiers, Rear Window and also THE GODFATHER trilogy (I count this as one….my game, my rules). 

Anyways.  It’s a fun conversation starter, especially if you need a topic or have a bunch of quiet friends.  


Im already so excited for my veggies to grow.  I ended up planting and making the garden in the rain with my foodie friend, but it was fun to garden with a “mist”, as we liked to call it.  We chose lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and green beans.  I have no good pics at all, so excuse how un-inspired this one is……  Sometimes I just don’t care what the pic looks like:


And I put together like 10 succulent pots to place around the garden. All of these are filled with cutings from one succulent plant.  This plant was my grandmas and is over 50 years old, pictured here:


Did you know you can cut virtually any succulent (cactus plant), re-plant and it will take root and grow?  Yes!  It’s awesome.  So I cut and designed:






That’s it folks.  I hope all the dad’s out there had a wonderful Fathers Day. Sean enjoyed his day and presents.  Sometimes I feel like there should be a Fathers Day each month to thank him for all he does.  

Be back with more thought-provoking posts soon.  I need a few Diet Cokes first….



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13 responses to “Monday Light.

  1. Kat

    My all time favorite movie…is a comedy…that will make me laugh no matter what kinda day I’ve had. I can think of it and start laughing most days,
    Dumb and Dumber. It’s awesome.

  2. Janelle

    LOVED spanish tapas night. LOVED how we did spend three hours analyzing movies. and then Another three hours playing trivial pursuit. Good family. Good times.

    ps. um i would love your mushroom and bell peppers recipe, as well as the pictures from the night …hotness.

  3. I have a deep-rooted love for movies and always have such a hard time picking a favorite, but 10 seems doable. In no particular order:

    Empire Records
    Lost in Translation
    Wet Hot American Summer
    Wayne’s World
    Love Actually
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Roman Holiday
    Labrynth/The Princess Bride (it’s a tie since I watched them both endlessly as a kid).

  4. I am with you on the lounge chair and the kiddie pool!!! It’s summer! We haven’t gotten a kiddie pool, although the sprinklers are working nicely for now hehe! Pour me an icy Diet Coke and I can sit there all day while Andrew splashes!! 🙂

  5. Shanna

    I LOVE kiddie pools and lounge chairs. It’s great when the kids are old enough to just play and enjoy while mommy works on her tan. 😉
    I’ve been enjoying the older movies lately as I’ve recently introduced “My Fair Lady” and “Pollyanna” to Kate. I’ve forgotten how good they are. This week will be “Sound of Music”. =)

  6. Sean

    Excellent summary! Without you (due to my horrible memory) I would not remember all the details behind how awesome you make our lives.

  7. Love the succulents in the strawberry pot–great idea!! And so glad the tapas were great, I just love tapas and sangria!!

  8. I love the succulents! And I love the new header too!

  9. erica

    LOVE the succulent plants. How funny that we posted about them the same day. Great mind think alike! totally cool that they are from your grandma’s plant…make it even better!

  10. Yikes, I cannot pick just one favorite movie, that is too hard. The most recent American version of Pride & Prejudice… Roman Holiday… An Ideal Husband… Sound of Music… Sabrina (the one with Julia Ormond)… Hitch… While You Were Sleeping… Strictly Ballroom… I could go on and on here, lol.

    I love the pool with the kiddos – I never cared for it much before I had kids and now it’s one of my favorite parts of summer!

  11. I’ve got succulents in a strawberry pot, too. Succulents are great…I have several pots of succulents in the backyard that I broke off of plants in my parent’s yard. I even had just a stump of succulent stem…no leaves…and we stuck it in the dirt just to see and it’s sprouted like 6 baby succulents! They’re so cute!

    Favorite movies…Grease, When Harry Met Sally, Urban Cowboy, Dumb and Dumber, Lord of the Rings Trilogy and because it’s late that’s all I can think of right now!

    And…the tapas look delicious!

  12. Kristi

    I love succulents too but have a hard time getting them to grow. Do you have any tips? Mine look good for about a week and then get very spindly. I want full rounded bushiness in my plants, not in my jeans size. Danggit!

  13. Kristi

    And I mean that in the most innocent way possible.

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