a good week.

It’s been a good week.  A really good week.

Lot’s has happened.  Lots of conversations, learning, laughing and random get-togethers.

So hello.  I’m “back”.

So, I’ll just jump in.


First off-thanks for all your concern for my dad.  He is doing great and his incisions seem to be healing perfectly.  He is eating great, relaxing and getting more sleep (which was my biggest concern).  He visits the doctor on the 23rd to have the staples removed and I will keep you updated on his appointment.


Lately, I have realized just how quickly Miss K is growing up.  It seems to happen in spurts and I noticed (while scrolling through my photos, tonight) that she is turning into a big girl. Such a personality.


I noticed it when we went to the park this week. We met Nicole, Zeke and Eli and Miss K played with the big kids.  She held her own and enjoyed observing what they were doing and tried to imitate.


(It’s never to early to be globally conscience, right?):


Eating Sand:



I’m planting an vegetable garden this weekend.  I have a 4 by 8 foot space (approx.) and I’m debating on what to put in it.  I bought seeds for peppers, mint, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and lettuce.  I think I’ll plant two of these and see how the space works out. My friend April gave me a tour of her herb garden this weekend (and then we concluded the evening with tea, truffles and conversation, obviously) and I learned alot.  I have my compost bin on order from the city, which I’m thrilled about–I toss so many food scraps and grass/plant clippings, that can now be made into soil! WOOT!


I made some fun creations of the eatable kind, this week.

I marinated some olives, made some blueberry jam (which I am currently eating from a spoon with peanut butter) and coordinated a spanish-themed tapa’s dinner for my fabulous cousin Janelle and her boyfriend, Brad. I will take pictures of this-YUM!


This week was a “fort-making” week.  Did you make forts when you were young?  Mine were very hodge-podge, but Miss K loved it. 


Molly, did not.



And hey!  Check out the new STAND UP TO CANCER widget on the right side of my blog.  Click on it to view a video, rate it and my sponsor (POWERBAR) will donate to the SUTC organization!  EASY, free and for a GREAT cause.


Write tomorrow, 





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7 responses to “a good week.

  1. Yes, we made many a fort when my kids were small….good for you for encouraging this!! It’s so fun!

  2. Can’t wait to see how the Spanish tapas turn out! Good to have you back 😉 And I hope your vegetable garden flourishes!!

  3. pve

    Forts, heck yeh and when we bought our couch for the family room, I said to the salesman, it must be “fortable!” My sons used to make forts and take all the blankets, pillows they could find. Why is it that when we are adults, all the forts stop?
    Love to send your dad a card and a cheeseburger!
    Hope his spirits are good and please let him know that I am praying for him.

  4. Kat

    The eating sand picture is HILARIOUS!!!!

    I am looking forward to book club next week. I was at my nephews bday party today and my sister-in-law’s sister was knitting…so I picked her brain on what I should get for our lesson. Apparently the yarn wrapper will tell you what needle size works best for that particular one. So I shall go explore the yarn aisle this week and pick something out, fun fun fun!!

  5. that is a great week. i’m so glad your dad is recovering well and in great spirits too. that will totally help him heal faster! cute fort. i should do that with ella. she would love it! i know i did when i was a kid 🙂

  6. RE: What to plant

    In my experience, pumpkins and squash can be very tricky to grow in SoCal for some reason. (My mom grew them all the time very easily in Missouri, but always had trouble growing such things here.) Pumpkin leaves, in particular, almost universally begin to grow a terrible fungus if you get them wet at all while watering. And – each time I’ve tried to grow pumpkins/squash/melons of any sort, just before they start to get truly ripe and pick-able, they too get some fungus or disease and go mushy and bad. Boo! I learned – at the OC Fair last summer, no less – that growing squash and melon-y type things on a trellis laid down at just a slight angle can help – but I’ve yet to try it. No melons or squash here this year. Good luck!!

  7. glad to hear about your dad’s surgery going well and him feeling better. you were in my thoughts all last week. unfortunately it was a CRAZY week around here and I wanted to call but dont know ur sched and how late is too late! anywho. glad to hear the good news and will continue my prayers for him.
    on a side note- i love to make forts! Cam & I do it all the time!
    Can u send me the deets on ur spanish themed tapas? that w/ some sangria sounds like a perfect theme for our summertime ‘sipping on saturdays’ – we like to bbq w/ the family.

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