I’m still at UCI and my dad came out of sugery about 45 minutes ago. They were able to get everything from what they saw and also remove two lympth nodes that were a concern. The doctor is going to have to biopsy the area they cut out to determine where to go from here. The doctor said that the PET scan didn’t show that it had spread anymore which is a huge praise.
He is in good spirits and wanting a cheeseburger.

Thank you so much for all your texts and emails. They have really been a encouragment and I appreciate it so much.

I’ll let you know when I know anything else…



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19 responses to “Update

  1. He wants a cheeseburger!?!? That’s exactly what I wanted after giving birth to Lindsey – I take it as a VERY good sign!

  2. that’s great news. super great he wants to eat too! still keeping him in our prayers.

  3. Someone get that brave man a cheeseburger!!! 🙂 SO glad today went as hoped, and I will continue to be praying for you and your family! xoxox Holly

  4. Continuing to pray, Rachel…a soon recovery!

  5. Elma

    We will pray for your dad. I tell you the will to live can do amazing things. He wants a cheeseburger?? Yaaaaaaa love that!! Get him two:)

  6. Still praying – thanks for the update!

  7. So cute that he wants a cheeseburger!! Glad he’s hanging in there!

  8. Heidi

    We are right down the street (Chapman) from UCI if you need to make any pit stops or need anything. Don’t hestitate to ask!

  9. Thanks for letting us know…I hope you all find some peace, waiting for biopsies is not easy…(((hugs)))

  10. Sarah

    Thanks for the update…we have been thinking about your family:)

  11. I’d say the man deserves a burger! Glad to hear good news! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers : )

  12. So far so good. I’m grateful for you. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  13. Kristi

    Awesome news for you and Dad. Glad to read this today!

  14. dad

    Well had to sleep the night in a chair!! Laid down and I started to bleed pretty good!! Pretty swollen up!! Looks like someone opened up a can of whupping on me!! Can’t move my shoulders or my neck atall and my left ear has no feeling! He said he wasn’t going to make me look like McCain but I think he failed!!HAHA now I have to go check on Renee and see if she looks like Sarah Palin!! Lol!! Thanks for your prayers!! Now for more drugs!!

  15. So good to hear! Will continue to pray!

  16. So glad to hear! Get better Rachel’s Dad, and enjoy that cheeseburger!

  17. Great news! wanting a cheeseburger?? That has to be a good sign! 🙂 still praying!!
    Many Blessings!

  18. Kat

    So glad to hear that things are looking up!!

  19. Mary L

    Your dad is the most hilarious post-op person ever! Love the comments by him. I’m so glad that the PET scan showed good news.

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