Comfort food

I’ve been thinking alot about it.

In times of stress, you meet one of two people.

Eaters and non-eaters.

Oh, how I wish I was one of those “other” people.  You know you’ve met them.

“I’m just so stressed out that I can’t eat.”  “I’m just not hungry.”  “When I got through hard time, I don’t eat”.

That is just crazy to me.  Admirable, but crazy.

When I go through times of stress, I eat.  Not crazy like “I want to die, I ate so much” eat, but definitely EAT.

Or should I say that I have a tendency to surround myself with foods that make me comfortable, remind of a better/happier time, make me smile.  I don’t binge, I don’t win the “glutton of the year” award, but I certainly don’t go hungry.

When both of my grandmothers passed, Sean’s grandma passed, our first miscarriage, good friends parents passed, I quit my job, friends boyfriends passed, times of trials in friendships or family……

These are times when a casserole or baked potato sound nice.

And i found myself “comfort cooking” this week.  Each day, waking up and beginning the ritual of baking and cooking.  Some of it went uneaten, some devoured, but SOMETHING about being in the kitchen and creating made me feel better.  A little more whole.  A little happier.

It was totally unconscious, i just gravitated towards those recipes and I gotta say…..when you feel like the world is closing in, it is nice to walk into a house that smells like syrup or some hearty stew–don’t you think?


Sidenote: comfort food does NOT mix well with my “6 day a week” Jillian Micheals workout DVD plan.  Just an FYI.


Yesterday, I had my family over and set out to cook the “essentials”. (read: THIS and THIS)  My counter looked like this before everything was popped in the oven to bake (note: not the best pics you’ve ever seen, but oh well.):





And then, the lovely April brought our family dessert and boy was it good (again, I’m not a photographer, folks):



I try to eat generally healthy (don’t we all), but allow myself to indulge at certain moments in life.  I suppose we all have ways to comfort ourselves.  Surround ourselves with friends, watch a favorite movie, laugh.

I find my comfort tools come in the form of a prayer and a pound-cake (or burger, or fries, or shake…..).



While sugar/cake/chocolate isnt a staple in Miss K’s diet, I couldn’t pass up letting her sample April’s handi-work.  

Her response=fabulous.



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20 responses to “Comfort food

  1. Elma

    O.K. miss k is just to adorable:) I think I would like a taste to. I eat when I am happy or stressed. Not good. I looked o.k. after number six then when I had baby 7 and 8 I had them both c-section and now I look really really bad., I hate the way I look and so does Al I just don’t have ANY energy anymore. Love all the food you made looks really good. Have a wonderful day:)

  2. I so wish I was that “other” type too. I’m not. Potato chips and dip make me feel better sometimes… even first thing in the morning ;). Also Macaroni and Cheese! I guess a good dairy and carb mixture is all it takes to make me smile- until I’m sad I ate it all.

  3. That made me laugh! I love that you caught her moment of crossing to the dark side on camera. 🙂

    Oh comfort food. I could write a book. Love it and hate it all at once. Why don’t baby carrots comfort my soul? Life would be so much easier.

  4. Dad

    This should make everyone laugh!! She cooked all of this picking food for dear old dad….but dad couldn’t come over because he was radioactive from the tests taken earlier in the day!! HAHA She did send over a wonderful care package and in desperate need for comfort food, I inhaled it all within the space of about 10 minutes!! This girl needs to start he own food business!! It rocked:):)

  5. Janelle

    I think i love you even more BECAUSE of the fact that you like your comfort food.

    glad to see miss k does as well 🙂

  6. I am an eater too! Hard for me to pin-point certain foods. I love casseroles, anything bread, then some chocolate! Not necessarily in that order. I also love a hole-in-the-wall burger place with those yummy fries. You know, “those fries” that you can never seem to find when you are looking for them, but then they show up in the most unsuspecting place! I saw your Dad’s comment, we are praying for you Dad! Glad you got some of her food last night.

    • Dad

      Me too!! I felt like the fatted calf after I ate it all and woke up in the middle of the night aand had the desert!! So much for weight loss!!:):)

  7. Kat

    Even Chloe got a kick out of that video…sooo stinkin cute!

    Have you ever had cheese potatoes? Its this awesome casserole that is so fattening, but the PERFECT comfort food…meaning I won’t be eating it for a while as I am trying to loose weight. But hey lettuce is just as good, right??? =o(

  8. Fellow eater here! Just ate Ben & Jerry’s at 1 in the afternoon because of a very stressful lunch with the kids. Jillian would not be happy with me either…

  9. Vicki

    I too am a stress eater. My comfort food dinner is tacos with rice and beans. My comfort snack is chocolate. I’ve tried to substitute healthy food, but it just doesn’t do it. I’ve reached an age where I try not to beat myself up too much when I do need the comfort of food. After all food is better than some of the other alternatives.

    That chocolated dessert looked delicious!!!!

  10. Stacy

    My comfort good is the chicken and rice casserole and the green bean casserole. They both bring back childhood memories that remind me of my mom and being in the comfort of my parent with no worries in the world!

  11. those that cannot eat when they are sad or stressed are CLEARLY not eating the right foods!

  12. i love food and i love to eat. i can snack all day long. i am one of those people who can’t eat when they are upset, angry, hurt-emotionally or really sad. thankfully that hasn’t happened in several years. although my “spare-tire” around my mid-section could handle a few days of not eating, lol!

  13. UGH I am a comfort eater as well… wish it was the other way around for sure haha! 🙂 I have a definite sweet tooth and cookies and cupcakes always make me feel lovely hehe! And I am with out about the 30 Day Shred and FOOD in general- I was working out after dinner the other night and it was NOT a good idea hehe! She kicked my butt! Must remember to let my food settle before giving into Jillian hehe! PS. Now I feel like baked potatoes for dinner hehe! xoxox Holly

  14. K was so cute! I’m glad she enjoyed the chocolate 🙂 My husband was having a not so good day yesterday so last night I knew just what comfort food would make him happy: steak and cheesy potatoes…oh and sangria! And it did just the trick! I can be one of those not eating when I’m stressed but I’m also a carb/cheese/ice cream kind-of girl when the not eating just doesn’t cut it!

  15. Oh Rachel–she is adorable!! Mmm! And all this comfort food talk has got me hungry now.

    I think we have started doing Shred, so we could justify comfort. I guess that would be pain and gain, huh? Maybe it balances…

  16. Mmmm!
    Absolutely adorable. 🙂

  17. Heidi

    Yep, I’m in your club! You know I’m stressed because not only do I seek out comfort foods, I sleep more. When everyone was dying in my family, I was sleeping 12+ hours a day AND taking naps! It’s one of my coping mechanisms that I actually understand.

  18. I’m a total comfort food junkie. Nothing like eating your feelings. 😉 LOVE the video…she is such a doll. Praying for your dad today. Love you all! ♥

  19. Just thought of you and your Daddy so I thought I’d stop by and say hi. 🙂 I’m so so happy and relieved to hear that the surgery went well!
    Oh, and I am definitely a eater too! I confess I even fall into the totally pig out under stress category!
    Hugs, Cece

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