Good Tuesday morning, friends.

How are you? I’m doing pretty good after a good nights sleep, a great movie and dinner with Sean and some coffee.  

I don’t think that I could put together a well-constructed post if no diet coke for life was being threatened.  My brain is slightly whirlwind-ish and slightly out of sorts.  I would like to blame it on the week, but I think that just may be a state of being for me…..at times.  Love me or leave me.  

So….here are some random bits for you.

1.) Sean and I had THIS for dinner last night.  TRY IT!  (and anything else she cooks.  I am systematically making my way through all of her recipes.  We have savored about 15 and have loved them all)

2.) I love this weather.  I know that most are very “boo” about it, but I wish it would rain all the time.  

3.) Sean and I watched THIS movie last night and loved it. I think the last minute of the movie is my favorite.  Watch it!

4.) I have always wanted to visit HERE.  I can’t wait to travel to DC someday and soak in all the history of the city.  Hopefully when the trees are blooming….

5.) I’m beginning planning (have been thinking and saving ideas for months) for the REEVES STAYCATION 2009!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, refer back to THIS post.  If you have ANY local ideas for us to visit that relate to: Beijing, Greece, Rio, Washington DC or Chicago….PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  I have already received some awesome ideas from you guys, but would love anything else you think of.  We also have two couples joining us on specific outings to be a part of the STAYCATION and my brother informed me he would be joining for the portion of CHICAGO day when we get/make hotdogs. If you want to meet up, let us know!  

6.) Last, but certainly not least….

Before we lived in our current house, we lived in a small, fun apartment about 10 minutes from here and became good friends with our next door neighbors, Keith and Heather Saarloos.  We spent many an evening with them…. sharing dinners, good times and laughs.  They are great people.  Really great people.  Its been over 5 years since we were neighbors and we have had kids and moved on in life, but Sean and I think of (and mention) both of them often.  We miss them.  Our friendship with them was a huge part of the first 2 years we were married.  

In the past five years, they moved up to Los Olivos, opened coffee shops, a tasting room (for the wine they harvest themselves from their own vineyard), a day spa and (if I know Keith well enough) have plenty on the horizon.  I’ve said it before….everything they do turns to gold.  I was pretty excited when I saw their tasting room featured on Apartment Therapy yesterday (one of my favorite sites).  

Go HERE to see the entry about their tasting room decor in Apartment Therapy.

Go HERE to learn more about the Saarloos and Sons story.

Go HERE to learn about their day spa, DIVINE.

If you enjoy wine tasting or need a trip to a beautiful part of California, please consider visiting them in Los Olivos.  It is beautiful there.  BEAUTIFUL there. And they will give you a good time.  Great people.  Great business.  



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5 responses to “randoms.

  1. I LOVE this random post…totally how I really think (and live) everyday…I blame it on being an “artist”…can’t wait to try the recipe, watch the movie and LOVE the “stay-cation” idea! how fun…of course after reading about your friends might want a real vacation there! 🙂
    p.s.- I am covering your Dad and your whole family in prayer this week!
    Many Blessings!

  2. i’ve been planning a trip to santa barbara and the one place i have on my list so far is a visit to saarloos and sons! such a small world! and glad you liked the movie!

  3. great random post! if you make it to DC, don’t forget we’re in MD- not that far away 🙂
    I’m going to check out all those recipes you are talking about and see what she has that we might like to cook!

  4. 1.) John has recently been introduced to the art of a meatloaf sandwich (by my mom) and has been requesting more…I’ll have to check this site out.
    2.) I am very BOO about this weather, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I guess.
    3.) Gotta love a good classic…I’ll have to check it out.
    4.) I’m sure my next DC trip will be to chaperon Kate’s class trip…in, what?, 8 years. You can come too! =)
    5.) Can’t wait to hear which country we get to experience with you!
    6.) Saarloos & Sons- definitely the best designed and most entertaining tasting room in Los Olivos and thank you Divine Day Spa for introducing me to Wish…ahhhh! =)

  5. Hi! I just found you from More Ways To Waste Time. I just wanted to let you know, I find school desks like that one on Ebay ALL the time on Craigslist.

    Also. I live on Diet Coke. I asked my baby doctor if he wants me to stay away from diet sodas, and he said if he ever took that away from his clients, he wouldn’t be in business.

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