this week stinks.

Generally, I try not to complain and look at the brightside….I really do!  But, this is how I felt when I woke up this morning.

My dad starts tests today and has another round on Wednesday and then his surgery is scheduled for Friday at 11am.  How do you just sit around and wait for that?  I mean….you don’t have a choice and you can pray and have more peace when you think about all of the promises and scripture that the Lord provides….

but still.

And he has to lay in one of those tubes for 30 minutes (Wednesday) to have a CAT/PET Scan.  I think he is more nervous about that then the actual surgery.  Can you say claustrophobia? 

So, that is that.  Other than that….

I got nothin’.

But I’m in charge of family dinner this Wednesday night (our family has dinner together each Wed, FYI) and so I’m going to make the best meal ever for pops and my mom. Hey……even if the week goes wrong, we can still eat well, right?


If you have any tips for making it through a half hour in a CAT Scan tube–pass it on, will ya?



in the midst of a not so fabulous week, I went outside to water my herbs and found that my gardenia plant has bloomed!  The fragrance is amazing!





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13 responses to “this week stinks.

  1. Stacy

    Call in advance and ask for a light sedation. They can give him something orally or he could ask his dr to prescrible something. Something light will help take the edge off but keep him alert enough to follow instructions. Hope this helps and you and your famiily will be in my prayers! Love you girl!

  2. Heidi

    I also vote for the light sedation. I had to spend 45 minutes in an MRI tube and almost lost it during the last 5 minutes. I didn’t have any sedation but I was physically exhausted afterwards. I vowed that if I ever had to do it again, I wanted medication/sedation! Good luck to your dad – we’re thinking about all of you.

  3. Kat

    The Dr. I used to work for would prescribe Xanex, not a whole month supply either, just a few pills for our patients that had trouble with laying inside the CT machine.

    Side note: as a kid I had to have quite a few CT’s (they thought I was epileptic, turns out I was simply allergic to the asthma med I was on), and all I remember was being angry they gave me a pillow for my feet and not my head. The scan didn’t traumatize me, the pillow on the wrong end of the machine did. =o)

  4. I have no advice.

    Just want to say I am praying for all things to go well for your dad this week, for a great family dinner on Wednesday and for peace and strength for you this week. Its ok to complain every once in a while 🙂

  5. Dad

    Well everyone….thanks for the words of encouragement and prayers… will laugh about this…..I have tried the last two nights with a pillow of my face for thirty minutes at a time without moving…..couldn’t do it:):) Last time I was in the hospital(last year) I swore I would never do this again…..well they are swearing at me now that, “Yes you will!!”:):) I think I am up poop creek!! HAHA. I do however have more verses memorized down through the years to keep me going for quite a while… here goes!!

    Hugs to all!

  6. I like the tags for this post.

    I’ve had a few CT scans and they seem a lot more terrible than they really are, hope all goes well.

  7. keeping you all in our prayers. you have a great start by making weds a wonderful meal for everyone! i hate those tubes too. i wish you could listen to an ipod or something. that would totally help me! i also try to picture my favorite place which is the beach in florida. i try to imagine i’m laying on the beach, feeling the hot sun on my skin. sometimes that really helps! ask him if he has a “happy” place and tell him to really concentrate hard and imagine himself there or with that person, etc.

  8. Gorgeous gardenias! (Like that alliteration?) I hope it gets you through the rest of the week!!

  9. I wish I had wonderful advise for you, but I’ve never had a scan. Know your in my prayers. Hang in there and take care!

  10. Mary L

    I agree..not a fun week! I wish I could sit with you all day Friday, but I will be praying!!

  11. I hope your family and your lovely gardenias get you back to feeling happy!

    I had an MRI done a few years ago – I couldn’t be sedated because I’d driven myself – so I first made sure it was an ‘open’ MRI (you’re still in a tube, but the sides are cut out) and I spent the whole time listing things I was grateful for. I started with big things, like my family, etc., but towards the end I had moved on to carpet, water, automatic gearboxes, etc. It helped!

  12. It’s too bad he can’t be hypnotized before going in? I think being sedated isn’t a bad idea…

    Lots of prayers to your dad and you all.

  13. If he’s really claustrophobic he can probably get a mild sedation. My mom works at a radiology center now and that’s what they do with the people who get really freaked out by those things. A valium or xanax can do wonders. Other than that, during every MRI/test I’ve ever had, I just “sing” some of my favorite songs in my head to keep my mind from wandering to less pleasant things. I do this at the dentist to, it helps me calm down. Cheesy, but hey if it works it’s worth sharing, right?

    God bless your family. You’ll all be in my prayers!

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