2 years ago today.

I started this blog.

Cherry Tree Lane took on life on June 5th, 2007.

So much has happened in the past two years and I would love to write about all of it, but will let all my many posts do that.  I look back on each of my posts and laugh, cry and enjoy watching life unfold again.


In honor of my 2 year birthday, I am going to give away several vintage postcards that I found at an estate sale that I’m in love with.  I hope the winner enjoys them as much as I enjoyed chosing them.

The first person who can answer this Mary Poppins (appropriate, don’t you think?) trivia will have them sent to their mailbox…. 


Walt Disney rarely came and watched DISNEY films during production, but there was one exception during the filming of Mary Poppins. What scene did Walt Disney come and watch from the film? And for a bonus point (read: Rachel will think you are super-awesome), who was staring in this scene?

*You don’t have to guess if you don’t want to…. go ahead and comment anyway…..even if you don’t care about Mary Poppins.  

I want to stop being your friend don’t mind.


I can honestly say that Cherry Tree Lane has been a very special part of ME.  I am SURE that there are people that will laugh at that, but I can’t put a price on the things I have learned, the MANY people I have met and new friends I have made.  I have had the chance to get to know people I would otherwise have never met…across the country, some down the street and some on another continent.  I have learned more about myself than I thought and have been able to document our life in a way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  I’m surprised that people find what I have to say interesting and am flattered by your visits back.  

Cherry Tree Lane has become a part of me, Rachel Reeves.

I look forward to blogging this year, learning more about me and walking in a manner that the Lord would be proud of.

Thanks for walking with me.




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12 responses to “2 years ago today.

  1. congrats on two years! i know i enjoy your blog! i have no idea which scene Walt Disney watched, but I do love that movie! It’s one of Ella’s favorites too now!

  2. Kat

    The tea party on the ceiling with Uncle Albert?

  3. noelle

    after reading the trivia on IMDB i am totally in the mood to watch Mary Poppins this weekend! love it! such a great movie – i also never knew that one of the deleted songs is in another Brown favorite “Bed Knobs & Broomsticks”. the only scene notation that i found was this:

    The scene where Mr. Dawes, Sr. (Dick Van Dyke) has trouble negotiating the step in the bank’s meeting room was not originally in the script. While viewing a make-up test for Dick Van Dyke in the projection room, Walt Disney saw Van Dyke entertaining crew members on the test film between between takes with some comic routines, among them the “stepping down” routine of an old man trying to step off a curb without hurting himself. The test film not only convinced Disney to cast Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Dawes, Sr., but Walt specifically requested that crew members “build a six-inch riser on the board room set so Dick can do that stepping-down routine”.

    I also saw that Walt Disney’s favorite song is “feed the birds” so maybe he watched that scene.
    Even if i’m not right – loved reading the trivia & can’t wait to watch the movie this weekend! XOXO

  4. Hmm…while I want to google it and get the right answer, I’m going to just guess.

    My guess? The chimney sweep song on the roof with Mary and Bert and the children.

    And congratulations on your bloggyversary!

  5. Your Brother

    Im thinking that it was when it was feed the birds. Reasons-

    1. You love birds
    2. You sing that song alot!
    3. You love snow globes. 🙂

    Am I right?!

  6. Andrea

    I think it was feed the birds… But if I were him I would have watched the chimney sweep scene because that is my favorite. I love the dancing!!

  7. Amber

    Uncle Albert on the ceiling ???

  8. Congrats on the two years…keep going!


  9. Julie

    Hmmm, was it when they were in the chalk scene and mary was having tea and bert was dancing with the penguins?????

    have loved reading your blog! happy anniversary!


  10. Congrats!! I have no idea, but I haven’t watched Mary Poppins in a long time, I think I need to pull it out and watch it.

  11. Congrats on two years and I wish I knew the answer- I think I need to brush up on my Mary Poppins trivia!

  12. Walt watched the rehearsals of Step in Time and would tell the choreographers to go nuts and have fun. Dick Van Dyke was in the scene. I don’t know if that is what you are looking for or not. 🙂

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