on friendship.

I’ve been thinking alot lately about alot of things.  But one thing I have thought about a great deal is friendship.  The idea of friendship.  The gift of friendship.  The evolution of friendship. What makes a good friendship GOOD and what keeps a friend.  



All of the memories.



And experiences shared.  The small experiences that seem meaningless at the time, but turn into the most important parts of your life. 


Walking through horrible times together-death of parents, loss of children, moving and changing jobs.  And being there for the most memorable of moments-birth of children, weddings, special events and accolades. 



Listening to each other when you don’t agree with what they are saying.  Not condemning, just listening and offering advice when asked.



Moving from childhood into adulthood and still calling, emailing, sending notes and appreciating each other.  Time passes, but the friendship still grows.  It doesn’t expect to get caught up once a year when you have time. It makes time.


*Sidenote: yes, i am aware how horrendous the above photo is. Precisely why I put it in.  One staple of friendship in the 90’s:  the matching hairstyle. Duh.


Seeing to the core of someone and being honest with them when you know that it might endanger the friendship for awhile.

2009-05-31 at 14-06-32

Laughing all of the time together.  Seeing the humor in just about everything and knowing that the friend across the room only needs to look at you to know what you are thinking.  


Calling or dropping by unexpected*Not waiting to be told how to help-just doing*Sharing experiences*Supporting through a difficult season*Being loyal to promises*Sharing advice*Supporting each others endeavors*Supporting each others kids!*Hearing rather than talking*Praying for each other*Laughing*Understanding*Giving space when needed*Hugging*Needing one another*Never breeching trust*Accountability*Daily upkeep*Telling each other the truth-no matter the cost*Giving of yourself for them*Being there for anything at anytime*


What is friendship to you?  What is it about your best friends that makes you love them?  What do you need in a friendship?

What friend are you grateful for and why?


Get in touch. Tell your friend you love them. Be the friend you have always wanted.



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11 responses to “on friendship.

  1. Your Brother

    My sister is friendly and loyal. And she has had the opportunity to affect many peoples lives in a positive manner. And that has given her a plethora of friends. All that value her and put her in their inner circle.

    But Rachel is my Best friend. Not yours. Mine. And its cool to say that about my sister. 🙂

  2. Mary L

    love YOU friend!! For me, friendship is a commitment to be there for everything-good and bad. It means laughing, secrets, talking too long on the phone, cards in the mail, crying together, sharing recipes, compromising in a good way, working through problems, and having the best in you brought out. I love my friends for their uniqueness, honesty, and loyalty. I hope I have them (YOU) when I am old and gray and talking to myself.

  3. what a great post! you touched on everything important in friendships. love the matching hair, lol! been there done that!

  4. Found your blog thru Liz, and this post is terrific! I hope you don’t mind my chiming in…..a friend DOES just jump in and DO…not waiting to be asked or told. A friend DOES enjoy your for who you are and what you enjoy. Love this post!


  5. Coincidence. I was just pondering the way I think of friendships last weekend. I tend to think in levels. Right or wrong, that’s what I do. Acquaintances who are friends, friends from work, friends from church.

  6. That picture may endanger our friendship for a while. Seriously can we PUH-LEASE take an updated one.
    I do love that after…what?…15 years, boyfriends, break-ups, kitten deliveries, wrestling matches on the trampoline, friends who ditch friends for their last year on cheer together (I’m just saying), weddings, babies, etc. I can still call you one of my best girls. Love you! ♥

  7. Where is the picture of us???

  8. Ok, now for my response on friendship. I think my most treasured friendships are a couple from college. We don’t live in the same town, or even the same state, but the times we do talk or email it’s as if no time has passed. There is a tacit understanding that sometimes life gets in the way of constant communication, and that it in no way reflects on the state of our friendship. There is a history there – a way of knowing one another that cannot be replicated even with the new friends we meet today. Those are friends I miss dearly, almost everyday, but I am forever grateful to have them in my life.

  9. Looks like you have some great friends! You really hit the nail on the head about friendships.

    And I just have to say…the comment from your brother is probably one of the sweetest comments I’ve ever read. Makes me miss my brother and wish we lived closer.

  10. Debbie

    Hi Rach, Had to respond to your blog on friendshi[ and tell you how much your mom means to me and what an amazing friend she has been. She is my lifelong friend and has gone through so many seasons of my life with me. She will always hold a very dear place in my heart because she lead me to my Savior and for that I will always be grateful to her. Her love for the Lord is evident in how she lives her life……….content in Him. She has always been there for me….someone I can count on and tell me the things I sometimes need to hear. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful mother and I am even more blessed to call her my dearest friend……Love you………..Deb

  11. jennifer

    I loved this post. Maybe one of my favorite, and you have a lot of good post to choose from. We were designed to be in a relationship. Think about, the Trinity is a relationship. Before time began there was Father,Son, Holy Spirit. Relationships are key to understanding the heart beat of God. A good friend leaves us praising Jesus.

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