new decor on the cheap. and some bits and bobs.

All of us have some old frame sitting in the attic/garage.  Do something with it!  

I had an old chalkboard (but you can use ANY surface) from a garage sale from years ago and I painted it with this chalkboard paint:


and VOILA!  I have a new “message” center.  Ready for recipes, phone numbers and to do lists!  I love it!  I also put some fun pictures on the side of it.  Who doesn’t love a vintage picture of an oversized man in a womans bathing suit?  I mean, come on.  Result:


And the best part?  5 bucks for the chalkboard paint (I have enough left in the can for another 5 uses or so) and I found a huge bag of chalk at the DOLLAR TREE.  New decor for 6 bucks!


Thought I would let you know how my herb garden is growing.  The parsley and basil came in nicely and we have used them quite a bit. We are using them tonight for a Caprese Salad!  I planted some cilantro last week (my husbands request) and can’t wait to use that either.  I got some Gladiolus bulbs around Easter time and planted them about a month ago–they are budding.  I have several others and will take pictures when I get a chance….



DOLLAR TREE has some cute retro kitchen towels and pot-holders.  I like being in the right place at the right time.  Spare change in my pocket=fun in my kitchen.  HUZZAH!



And finally….

I firmly believe in the saying, “they just don’t make things like they used to”.  I’m serious.  I feel like we live in an IKEA world where you can get everything cheap, quick and poorly made and people settle.  No offense to IKEA lovers–I like it for some things too, but you get what I’m saying.  I think that is what endears me to the craft community so much.  People spend time and energy to produce beautiful works of art.  Handcrafted.  Anyhoo-I got to thinking about this again today because I collect wooden thread spools (amongst several other collections) and I just love them.  Companies have moved to plastic and I have so many problems with my sewing because of plastic spools.  I hate them!  I get that its cheaper for the manufacturer, but still….they just don’t make things like they used to……don’t you agree?




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9 responses to “new decor on the cheap. and some bits and bobs.

  1. okay, too funny but i got a frame from a friend and its been sitting in my room waiting for me to put a chalkboard into it! now you have motivated me to actually do it! and i would recommend planting lots of cilantro…just from experience…if it gets to hot it will “bolt” and “go to seed” and you will be out of luck for the cilantro but you can save the coriander seeds for a nice rub on a steak!

  2. you had me at caprese salad, my FAVORITE!!! what time is dinner???

  3. Amber

    I love chalk board paint! I have done a few now… here is a tip, you know how coffee house’s chalkboards look perfect and never smudge? They use Bistro Markers… like liquid Chalk. And it comes off with water! … sold at Alin Party Co and Michael s…both by the paint pens…. 🙂

  4. I so agree…I like things made a long time ago, my blog is full of proof….irons made in the USA from the 1970’s, my sheets in the post today, and so on. You can tell the difference, they were made to last and with quality materials.

    And, your chalkboard is brilliant! I have a can of paint and an old easel-style whiteboard to make into a chalkboard! I love yours and what you’ve done with it! You go, girl…

  5. i see you have found an use for a few of your many mason jars you recently acquired… and i love your chalkboard, mine could really use a new coat!

  6. Elma

    You are so right!! Things years ago are so much better than today! When you buy antiques you are being green.You know the saying you get what you pay for:) I was meaning to ask you what do you do with the vintage suitcases you buy? Do you display them? Love the retro pot holders to.

  7. Argh. Every time I see posts from you trash to treasure types I have to smack myself in the head and wonder why I NEVER think of decor like this. So fun, attractive and cheap.

    I’m missing a creativity gene or something.

  8. Your chalkboard is so cool! That was what I had envisioned in my kitchen (only a bit smaller), but came up with something a little different. I really should take a picture and post it on my blog…

    And I agree – they don’t make things like they used to. Nothing seems to last anymore. Unfortunately, we live in a disposable society. How sad!

  9. Love the chalkboard! I am painting a huge portion of the kids playroom with magnetic chalkboard paint (I think…) and I can’t wait to see the end result. I do have to convince my husband first that it’s a good idea. He’snot sure about the chalk dust getting on the carpet…

    We just started growing some Basil. It’s been so fun to watch and teach the girls all about plants and how they grow. Can’t wait to use it in some of our summery foods.

    I also agree with what you said about quality of products. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some IKEA, but only for certain things. Home decor or children’s toys. When it comes to things I want to last I go somewhere else.

    I just started collecting vintage pyrex mixing bowls. I thought they would look cute on top of my cupboards in the kitchen. What do you think?

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