packin’ my bags.

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I rarely want someone else’s living space.

Their jean size, yes.

But their living space, no.

I like my space.

I tend to walk into people’s homes and think, “oh! well done!” or “I’m stealing that idea” but never, “I’m so jealous that I want this place”.

And I go into alot of homes.

HUGE homes.  Designer homes.  Shabby homes.  Condos. Apartments, One bedroom rentals, small homes. You get the picture.

And I’ll tell you this much.

In my opinion (and I’m not a real estate agent so I don’t care about “location location location”) it doesn’t matter if the house is small or big….the most impressive living spaces are those that are decorated authentically.

Embracing your own style of decorating is freedom, my friends.  Go with what YOU like.  Before you order that oversized, citron green futon at Pottery Barn, ask yourself….is it me?  Because if you are buying it because it looks good in their catalog, chances are that it won’t look the same in your house.

Stick to what you (and your spouse) like.  Be you.  Be bold.  Don’t decorate for others.  Let your house be a reflection of what you do, movies you watch, time periods you admire, where you travel, what you believe.  You can have a house in a great neighborhood with no character at all.  And you can have a small bedroom is a shabby neighborhood with individuality around every corner.

I would pick to live in the one bedroom every time.

What I’m saying is just be YOU.  Decorate how you want.  And when the naysayers make fun of your choices (happens to me all the time) be confident that it will all look fabulous put together because it is a reflection of YOU.  And chances are….if they are making fun, it’s because they are insecure and you need to be extra nice to them. (my mom taught me that-thanks mom!)


While I usually don’t have home envy….these three living spaces made my jaw drop.  I love love love them and would pack my bags tomorrow if they became available (fully furnished, obviously).  I like them because they are UNIQUE, well-defined and different.  Inspiring-each in their own way.

I would totally live HERE of HERE or HERE.



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5 responses to “packin’ my bags.

  1. oh oh oh I’ve been to that first apartment at the brewery in LA, it’s a loft and it is AMAZING!! Good pick honey bunny!!

  2. Elma

    O.K. I just love love # 3 oh the kitchen and the bedroom and bathroom sooo neat!!! I just love that old retro things:)

  3. Mary L

    Are we voting? I vote #3 though there were elements I liked in all of them. I love

  4. Those are really neat places. Not my style but really cool. When hubby and I decorated our house that is exactly what we did, we decorated it the way we wanted it not the way others thought we should. And although we still have more to do, it came out exactly as we wanted it and we love it.

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