no joke.

One of the three reasons that Sean and I haven’t moved out of the state yet, is growing in my backyard.




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12 responses to “no joke.

  1. Kat

    If you have any avocado’s that need a good home…let me know =o)

  2. Am I one of the other 2 reasons? 😉

  3. I’ll trade you lemons and apricots for avocados, yes?

  4. oh boy my husband would want to move in too!

  5. Elma

    You know I have never had one:)

  6. I would almost kill for an avocado tree! I think guacamole is my favorite food group : )

  7. emily e.

    Oh, so jealous! We LOVE avocados…they were even Gianna’s first food and will be Selah’s in two months! Enjoy some free ones for the Ecklunds!

  8. Oh man, I am so jealous! I love avocados! We have a pear tree though!

  9. Mary L

    ditto what Shanna said!

  10. Yep, I’m jealous too! I can eat it with a spoon it’s so delicious! 🙂

  11. gina

    Of all the things I am jealous of, this resides at the top of the list…a good enough reason not to move out of state.

  12. Andrea

    Bill so wants an avacado tree.. His reasoning… it will save us money because I buy so many!! I love them and Ryan loves them and I am hoping Blake will love them too.

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