a few happy moments

Sadly, most of the vacation weekend was spent cleaning out Miss K’s crib, administering medicine, cuddling with a sad baby and cutting up pears, but there were several moments, in between fever spikes, when Miss K enjoyed a bath.  The tub in the mountains was a claw-foot (my dream) and she loved it.  It was about the only time she would stop crying and had some alleviation from feeling so crummy.  I also left the mountains with only two pictures of the trees and scenery.  Sad.  But, it’s what I got.  Next time.








My dad:



A note about books:

I was a bit overzealous when selecting two books to finish in the mountains.  I think that I may have been able to do it, had Miss K not been sick, but circumstances being what they were, I haven’t even finished one.  I read when I could (I started A Tree Grows In Brooklyn) and I have been reading every spare moment that I have had, since being home.  Reading can take me a little more time than the normal person because of the disorder, but I am moving along and will start Love In the Time of Cholera as soon as I am done with ATGIB.

I will let you know when I am finished and have a mini-review of the book.  I want to start talking about it RIGHT NOW, but I will wait until I finish…..




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11 responses to “a few happy moments

  1. i love the tub and the old-fashioned feel with the black & white photos! so cute!

  2. I look forward to the discussion.

  3. I read very, very, very fast. It doesn’t help that I read often (several hours a day) because like anything else, the more you read the faster you get. (That whole practice thing, ya know.) My husband has the same or similar disability as you, and reads very, very, very slow, if at all. It’s just *a lot* of work for him to read for pleasure. He needs absolute silence and, if it’s for work, he must take copious notes.

  4. That tub is so beautiful! Your pictures are great.

  5. Elma

    Oh doesn’t miss k look sooooo happy in that wonderful sooo cool tub!! I love that tub:)

  6. oh my preciousness…i just adore the pics of her in the tub…so very priceless!!!!!!

  7. Heidi

    Love the baby butt! So adorable.

  8. I LOVE that tub!! The pictures are fantastic!

  9. Those bath photos are gorgeous…I know what it’s like…sometimes with little ones it’s less work to stay at home!

  10. that tub is amazing! and miss k is adorable. i love those pics! now that’s a bubble bath mom! love those little cheeks, lol!

  11. Those pictures of Miss K. in the tub are awesome! What a sweet baby girl! What girl wouldn’t feel better in a claw foot tub filled with bubbles – where do I get mine?

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