date set.

I just heard.

My dad begins tests this Friday and his surgery is set for Friday, June 12th.

Let the praying begin.



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13 responses to “date set.

  1. Elma

    Yes WE WILL!!! I pray that the LORD will guide the doctors with your dads care:)

  2. Mary L

    Absolutely!! We will be praying earnestly for your dad.

  3. Bethany

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I will let my family know and I am sure there will be many prayers coming his way!

  4. Putting it on the calendar just as soon as I push “submit comment.”

    And just quick aside to say how much I love you, Rachael (or is it ‘el’–all of the sudden I’m not sure!). I consider you a dear friend–just one I’ve not met face to face yet. Though Phoenix is only about a 6 hour drive and we’ll be spending some time in San Diego for sure this next year…

  5. Kat

    Can I do anything for you that day? Can I watch Kensington so that you can be at the hospital?

  6. Prayers for wisdom for the doctors as the navigate this disease. Prayers for peace for your dad as he endures this treatment. Prayers for strength for your mom and you and Jonathan as you are along for the journey.

  7. thank you for updating us. he will stay in our prayers.

  8. andrea

    I continue to pray for your whole family. You are all very special to me.

  9. Thanks for the info.! I am praying….and will continue!!!
    Hope Miss. K is feeling better too!
    Many Blessings!

  10. I know you don’t want to go thru it but at least get it started & over with!! Still in myprayers & I am glad that your little cutie is doing better!! How scary!! keep your head up!!

  11. Kristi

    Mine was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, and has surgery in June. Your blog caught my eye for it’s great look, then for this post.

    My sincere regrets for your family, esp. your dad.


  12. its on my calendar and I will continue to pray for him, the doctors and for the rest of your family.
    for strength, courage, and the ability to remain hopeful at all costs.
    take care……you all are in my thoughts

  13. Andrea

    I will pray for all the tests to go smoothly and definitely be praying on the 12th. I will let me parents know also.

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