After yelling raising my voice at a few people, the doctor nurse called me back, FINALLY at 5:20pm (I guess that counts as the early afternoon now) to tell me that Miss K has a bad viral infection and there is really nothing we can do except let it run its course.  Give meds.

And lots and lots of hugs (Dr. Rachel’s remedy).  

Off to give a bath and then drink a very large, frosty Diet Coke.


Thanks for all the concern today, friends.  You all are awesome.  Truly.



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15 responses to “awesome.

  1. Your Brother

    I would suggest adding something to that Diet Coke after the week you’ve had. Maybe one of my friends Jim Jack or Johnny would do the trick? Love you and my niece!

  2. Elma

    Glad you got an answer:) I hope miss k is back to herself tomorrow!! Have a good sleep:)

  3. Amber

    I am so glad you got some answers. I’ve been praying for you all.

    Ps. I totally agree with your brother!

  4. Sorry you had such a tough time getting answers.
    😦 hope she gets better soon. Anna spiked a fever last night and today, so there must be something nasty going around. BOOO….

  5. I’m with Jonathan…

    Hope Miss K feels better soon.

  6. Oh I’m just catching up from the weekend. I’m so sorry Miss K has been so sick. It’s the worst when your baby is sick, it makes you feel so helpless. Your in my thoughts and prayers, still praying for your Dad too, and glad to hear so far so good!

  7. Andrea

    I hope that Kensington gets better soon. I am so sorry to see that she was that sick. I will pray for quick healing. Blake was sick last week and it is no fun when your baby is sick 😦

  8. poor little princess. She looks so so sad. Makes my heart ache!

  9. Ah, there’s that famous phrase “It’s got to run it’s course”…that doesn’t really help, does it. Well, at least you know what it is. Hope she’s better real soon!

  10. That binky picture was so sadly adorable. Glad you got some sort of an answer…finally. Give her hugs from me too!

  11. Get better, Miss K!!

  12. oh the poor baby. i hope it runs it’s course quickly so she can start feeling better soon.

  13. I hope she’s better soon, but even more than that I hope that YOU don’t get it or (even worse) your husband!

  14. Poor little one, that stinks! Sorry that it ruined your vacation! I like your brothers advice (the first comment)! LOL!

  15. Bless her little heart! You should add a snickers bar to that diet coke… you deserve it!

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