“good luck will rub off, when I shakes hands wif you….”

*name that movie quote…”


Here are some of the things that I found at the garage sales in the mountains.  All of these (and some that aren’t pictured) were acquired while shopping with my brother for about an hour.  

$15.00 later….

Picnik Vitnage 1

*A book of photos by Norman Mailer (the father of the contemporary narrative) , on the life of Marilyn Monroe.  Photos by some famous photographers Also found the musical score from My Fair Lady.

*Robin Hood LP’s from the 1940’s.  I also found the score from Oklahoma (Thanks Jonathan), The Sound of Music and some jaunty tunes from Piccadilly.

*Vintage Opera glasses by Debutante in Boston.  Made in France and heavy.  Leather cuffing.  I would love to know if anyone has additional info on a piece like this. They interest me so much and I adore the color. 1 buck!

*On my way to the mountains, there was a garage sale in my neighboorhood.  With the car packed, I found a huge box of about 60 Mason Jars.  All perfect condition.  The lady acted like I was doing her a SERIOUS favor for paying the two bucks for all of them.  I have about 10 ideas for them.  Do you have any?

Currently they are taking a “bath” to clean them out:


Picnik collage2

*An entire family of Raggady Ann and Andy’s.  Waiting for a home.  

*Late 1950’s, plaid picnic bag with two matching THERMOS containers. 

*Four, 1960’s Lenontex, plastic cups in turquoise.  

*A sweet, German made, wool sweater with leather cased buttons.  Needs a good dry-cleaning, but I can’t wait for Miss K to wear it.  It will fit a 2-3 year old.

One of my favorite finds of the weekend was this box of 6, vintage Christmas ornaments.  I’m learning it is hard to find them unscratched and in good condition, without paying an arm and leg. Lovely pink and peach colors. These will be on the tree this year:



The thrill of finding truly good vintage makes my heart pound.  My garage is filling with treasures….  



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14 responses to ““good luck will rub off, when I shakes hands wif you….”

  1. I love mason jars! I use them for flowers, to drink from (the big ones) to make salad dressings, store odds and ends, pencil cups, etc. Oh, and of course to for homemade jam!

  2. My idea for your jars is a little self-centered. I’m collecting them for some wedding ideas, so if you have any leftovers, I can take them off your hands!

  3. she shoooots…. she SCOREEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!

    I trust Miss K is on the mend??

  4. Amazing finds! You did great! If only I could get some great luck like that!! I have to sat that I think my favorite find is the pair of opera glasses. Love the color. 🙂

  5. Elma

    WOW love all your treasures!!! What wonderful find:) The mason jars are they the big ones or are they smaller? The dolls are to cute to. Hope miss k is feeling better:) Have a wonderful day.

  6. Well, Mary Poppins, of course. The chimney sweep song!

    And I desperately need to shake your hand. I do not have good garage sale/thrifting mojo. At an antique store I do great. But things there never cost $1.

    And your opera glasses? Amazing!

  7. very cool! i love the opera glasses, the sweater and all the Raggady Ann and Andy’s. how fun!

  8. OHMYGOSH! Love the Christmas ornies and that picnic bag (how I would love to take THAT off your hands!)…and as for the canning jars, they would be full of food late this summer: tomatoes, salsa, green beans and corn for the winter months! Do you have a garden? LOVE all your stuff, the opera glasses are a wonderful find! Do you eBay?

  9. Love love LOVE the opera glasses – my favorite! Love the color – I hope you find out more about them. The operas those glasses must have seen…

  10. Wow. I am impressed. I never go to garage sales because I assume it’s all junk. You definitely have the Trash to Treasure gene.

  11. Julie

    I love Mary Poppins! It has been a favorite here, I can’t wait for Kellen to start enjoying all the goodness of Mary!

  12. Holy cow woman– you scored BIG TIME! Unfortunately, I have to admit to intense jealousy 🙂

  13. ok so ideas for Mason Jars….. you can do dry soup mixes and then tie tags on them with the how to make and give them as Christmas gifts. Here is one I have made. You layer the ingredients and ta-da you have cheap cute gifts for neighbors and friends. Pair it with a wooden spoon from the dollar store and you are now Martha Stewart.


    Or Freezer Jam! my friend at MOPS just exposed me to this. It is homemade jam without the long process and just as yummy
    here is a recipe


    And finally you can always do chocolate covered pretzels, cookie mixes, or homemade trail mix! Those are my ideas and ways I have used them. 🙂
    You got some great finds. I have to get back out and do some garage saling….. 🙂

  14. What fun vintage finds! It is all so beautiful! 🙂

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