not as planned…..and a little note.

(Sorry ahead of time for the poorly constructed post. Tired.)

Miss K doesn’t seem to be getting better and had a night (last night) that mirrored the one before. She isn’t doing well, so we are cutting our vacation short and coming down the mountain right after I close this laptop. A few days early. I feel so bad she is sick and also that we weren’t able to spend the time with the family that I had hoped for. Not complaining. Just sad.



I also wanted to take a moment and thank all of the men and woman who have served our country faithfully, and their families. Today we honor them and their choice of sacrifice. I personally thank them, the patriots, for providing me (and my family) freedom. We live in an amazing country. Provided by them.
Happy Memorial Day to you.



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8 responses to “not as planned…..and a little note.

  1. Oh, I hope she feels better soon, maybe a good nights sleep at home will help. I hate when kids are sick, it’s so not fair, I wish they could give it to me instead.

  2. poor baby. i hope she starts to feel better soon. that’s a bummer you have to cancel your trip early. have a safe trip home.

  3. So sorry that she is not feeling any better and that you had to cut your vacation short. I hope that she is on the mend now and can get some sleep tonight.

  4. So sad about the little Miss. 😦 Sounds very similar to another trip to the mountains except it was MY child that was throwing up. 😦 Praying she gets better soon.

  5. Gosh I’ve missed a lot over here in a few short days! Positive thoughts going up for your dad. So scary. We have a sick little miss here, too. It’s not fun. For them or us. Well, I’ve (finally) added you to google reader so I won’t go so long between posts with you. Thanks for visiting me, too!

  6. Elma

    So sorry you have to cut your vacation short!! I hope miss k feels better soon. It is so not fun being sick somewhere else.Hope you all get a good nights rest:) Love Elma

  7. This has happened to us before, when my oldest two were little ones. It was scary taking my little guy to a doctor that wasn’t their own in a totally foreign place to them: we couldn’t wait to get back and get him better. I hope Miss K gets much better when she reaches home!

  8. I am sure once she is home she will feel much better. It’s hard when they are sick and someplace unfamiliar. When you are sick, nothing feels better than your own comfy bed, you know?

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