scratch that.

It wasn’t altitude sickness.  

Miss K and LIFE aren’t friends right now.

She woke up at 12:45am throwing up (sorry if TMI), with the chills and a super high temperature. 





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13 responses to “scratch that.

  1. poor baby. i hope she starts to feel better soon.

  2. Oh, I hope she feels better soon. It’s the saddest things when the wee ones are sick and you can’t do anything about it. They just look so sad I know 🙂 Hugs to her!

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Ugh, stomach virus is the worst – so sorry!!!

  4. That is awful!! Poor baby. Poor mommy. Hope she feels better. We miss you guys.

  5. why do they always get sick when you’re on vacation?

    Poor Miss K – hope she’s feeling better soon…and I hope you get some rest!

  6. Poor baby! Praying for her–and you!

  7. Poor Baby! Lots of popsicles, lots of hugs for Miss K and lots of vitamins and rest for Mommy!

  8. Elma

    I hope miss k feels better soon and the flu doesn’t spread!! Have a wonderful night:)

  9. Feel better little one!!!! And you take care too, Rachel! Being a sick momma is not cool! 😦 xoxoxo!

  10. Feel better! I hope you enjoy your long weekend and all are much better soon!

  11. Doesn’t she know that she’s not supposed to get sick while on a fun family vacation!?! Poor kid : ( I have you are managing to have a nice trip anyway.

  12. oh, poor thing. lots of ice pops and fluids.
    feel better soon.

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