altitude+Miss K=not friends.

We are here.

My daughter threw up in the car twice on the way up.

I have never felt so bad for someone who was sick.  She just stared at me, while she sat naked in her seat and cried.  So sad.  With snot (and all the other assorted breakfast particulars) coming out of her nose and was just sad.

But we are here now. And she is sleeping after a bath and some play time with Grandma.  All is well in the world now.

My brother and I are off to hit up a garage sale down the street.

Have a great Friday!



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6 responses to “altitude+Miss K=not friends.

  1. Oh no! Poor baby. 😦

  2. Mary L

    Oh! Poor Miss K! Hope she has a good rest of her trip though.

  3. Poor girl! I still get carsick every time I drive up the windy mountains. Hopefully I’ll hold it together while I’m up there on Tuesday…I doubt it would be acceptable for ME to sit naked in the car!

    Glad she’s feeling better! I hope you all have a great trip.

  4. Oh! Bless Miss. K’s heart! Hope she feels better!!!
    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Elma

    Oh I hope she feels better soon!!~ Do you think she got car sick?? Post if you find any treasures:) Have a blessed vacation.

  6. Poor Miss K. I’ve had the same experience and it is so not fun. Hope she is feeling much better.

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