a moment of levity

I needed to relax tonight.

Ordered a pizza. Sat on the couch.  Watched TV.  

I realized that American Idol had a monopoly on FOX tonight.  And since I hadn’t watched an episode all season, i decided to turn it on and see what all the hype is about.

Just in time to see Adam (is that one of the finalists name?) in his glitter eye liner and metal formed shoulder pads/wings, sing with KISS.

With all due respect to my friends that are addicted to this show….


Maybe it is the fact that I haven’t watched at all and everyone else has slowly been eased into the absurdity, but it is sooooooo funny.  The singers in KISS are like 100 years old.  And they are wearing metal shoes that look like dinosaurs and have untamed body hair and stick out their tongues all nasty-like.  Adam’s costume outfit is just…..weird.  And when he stares into the camera all deep and mysterious, it creeps me out.  

….Maybe I’m just getting old.   


American Idol is just weird now.


(side note: I also think it is funny that the 3 best celebrity cameos they could come up with during the songs were Janice Dickinson, Heather Locklear and Camryn Manheim).  



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13 responses to “a moment of levity

  1. Debbie Doo

    awwww Rach, you forgot to mention Chris who was the all American hometown boy who won from Arkansas. He is a worship leader in his church and married to his high school sweetheart. Yeah…… there still are some normal people who do watch and voted for the most talented one. Chris was by far the most diverse musician playing the guitar and piano while singing very soulful songs…Hurray for Chris…….(Thinking of you Rach and all the family…you are all in our prayers) Love Debbie Doo

  2. I didn’t watch the results show – I looked up the results online after the East Coast show was over.
    Can’t stand how long they are and how lame a lot of their performances are. And in the end I didn’t care who won, because it’s not as if the loser won’t get a record deal too.

    I am sorry I missed some of the comic relief, though!

  3. Elma

    I never watch it!! I just can’t stand it. I think there are much beter things to do than that show really there is not much we like on t.v. What happened to all the nice family shows?? It is hard enough to raise kids in this world today without letting them see all the garbage on night time t.v. Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. And that is why I stopped watching AI after the first season. 🙂

  5. gina

    For those of us who were faithful viewers, we laughed and made fun of it the entire time too. It was just stupid funny…but isn’t that reason enough to watch it? HA

  6. I’m so glad to know that I am not the only person in America who doesn’t watch AI.

  7. I haven’t watched American Idol since Kelly Clarkson won in season 1. There is way too many other things I would rather do (like sleep or read, which is what I did last night). Glad you got a good laugh though.

  8. Sean

    You are right on! That GAME SHOW is a joke now, not even real life anymore. 100,000,000 votes? Come on! I would hate to be the parent of the 13 year old girl who texted 100,000 times to IDOL04. Even the leader, Simon, is over it. You can tell, because he said something nice just to get to the end of the show so he can go run and jump into his bag of money and move on to Britain’s Talent X Factor for America.

  9. haha!!

    I didn’t watch AI at all either.

    Not even the finale.

    But your description was hysterical.

  10. How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

  11. Booooo I was SOOO sad that Adam didn’t win. I know the outfit and makeup was crazy, but it was SO him. He is really theatrical and AMAZING- I was shocked he didn’t win 😦 I think the Kiss guys are pretty creep-o, but with Adam Lambert, I love love loved it!!! 🙂 Oooh and have fun on vacation! xoxox

  12. I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight.

    Hope you will stop by my blog and read about little Maggie.
    This is an urgent prayer need.
    I have seen the power of prayer over and over in the blog world.
    I have a button for anyone that would like to add it to their blog.

  13. That is hilarious! I don’t think I’ve ever watch an Idol episode, ever, so just picturing this is making me laugh!

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