I am on the phone (as we “speak”) and trying to relay information and learn some more information but this is where we stand. (Pardon the list format again.  My brain is fried).

*The doctors were great.  My parents were very encouraged by their wonderful bedside manner.  Felt very comfortable.

*They have decided to do surgery to remove the tumor on the back of his neck.  It is of great concern to the doctors and it needs to be taken out.

*They are not sure how much of a tumor is in there and how much it “unseen”.  While he is in there, they are going to do a test to see where the cancer originated and where it is traveling. 

*After surgery they are going to do concentrated radiation.  

*The doctor made it very clear to my parents that this will be an ongoing process.  Even once the surgery is done, he will need to continue being checked for reoccurrence.  That is assuming they “get” all of it.  If they don’t/can’t, that is another story. Not going to think about that right now.

*He is beginning pre-op tests (MRI, CAT SCAN yadayada) and required “stuff” asap and they are going to schedule the operation/radiation. Looking at the first week in June.  (they have to have tons of stuff approved first. blek.)


Pray for:

*Wisdom for the doctor and clear minds.

*No shenanigans regarding tests that need to get done and insurance stuff. Expedited surgery like the doctor wants.

*That they are able to get all the tumor and radiation kills this cancer.

*For my dad’s heart.  That he is calm and knows the Lord is in control.


Praise the Lord for the ability to HAVE surgery and HAVE access to doctors.  We should feel so blessed.

Praise the Lord for constant prayers.  From you.

Blessed be His name.



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15 responses to “dad.

  1. I’ve been praying ever since you left your comment on Friday for your Daddy.

    Lord, we ask that you would calm Kent’s heart. Heal Him, Father. Bless him with wonderfully wise doctors, who are your instrument to aid and give strength to Rachel’s Daddy. Lord, we look to You with joy and trust. Amen.

  2. Sean

    I will be praying with all of my strength.

  3. Kat

    I promise to keep praying for your dad! Thank you for the update.

  4. You and your family are in my prayers!

  5. Keeping your dad and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Mary L

    I am so thankful that he is in the hands of good doctors! We will keep praying!!!

  7. I will definitely continue to keep him in my prayers.

  8. You are all in my prayers!

  9. still praying, every night, for both your parents and you, for peace and healing.

  10. Andrea

    Thanks for the update. Now I know what to specifically pray for. Praise God that he likes his doctors-that is so important. Thinking and praying for your dad as well as your whole family.

  11. Will continue to pray for you and your family.

  12. Thanks for the update- will add the specifics in my prayer journal and will continue to “storm the heavens” in your Dad’s behalf!
    Many Blessings and lots of prayers!

  13. checked in today for an update on your dad…sounds like things and news is going according to expectations right now. i pray that your list of “asks” from the Lord is answered and more so…

  14. my friend had surgery – 4, no 5 years ago and is a walking, living miracle. sending you smiles, prayers and much goodness.

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