all I could hope for.

My child doesnt have all the states memorized, do multiplication or speak another language.

But she does watch the Martha show like this:



Do they make a bumper sticker about that?



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11 responses to “all I could hope for.

  1. Oh that is adorable! Aren’t you proud?

    Thanks for coming to visit me today. 🙂

  2. *giggle*. If there is a bumper sticker like that, I should own one ’cause my kids got it down.

  3. How cute, teaching her young, you’re a good momma! LOL My older girls love to watch Martha with me : )

  4. Personally, I think we should all be this attentive to Martha. Do you know how fabulous our tea parties would be? le sigh.

  5. This is hysterical…every girl should feel free and confident enough to watch Martha in her undies!

  6. Very sweet! Mikey used to have a terrible crush on Barefoot Contessa. 🙂

  7. bumper sticker – not yet…

  8. Heidi

    Adorable! I’m surrounded by testosterone and instead of just one man rolling his eyes at me, I have his exact miniature copy rolling his eyes too! I don’t care how much they roll, I love Martha!

  9. Kat

    Serena used to use Rachael Ray to tell time. One of our neighbors asked if Daddy was home, and she responded, “No, Rachael Ray isn’t on yet.”

  10. I love it. My 4 year old loves to watch HGTV and the Food Network! Martha is next on the list. What a cute little diva your Miss K is! 🙂

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