life in list format.

If you don’t like “lists as posts” I don’t blame you, but I can’t offer much more this morning.  I’m really tired and my brain is functioning on a decidedly lower level than I hoped.  This is going to be an interesting week, so if it shows on my blog…well……it will.

1.) I am so happy I did the post asking for your favorite book.  I have a list a mile long of books to read.  I try to go through about a book or two a week, so between the comments and emails, I should be done in about 2 years.  Ha!  I am still in deliberations over my “mountain book pick” and will let you know tomorrow!  Along those lines, our book club met last night and we reviewed our last read.  “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.  We also had the pleasure of experiencing an earthquake together.  Bonding.  Are you a part of a book club?  What defines your club?  

2.) A little post-curler action to make you smile:



3.) My herbs are growing and being put to use.  I used my parsley in a delicious meatloaf this week. It was GOOD.  Not the greatest pic, but I am so proud.  And if you don’t have a good meatloaf recipe, mine is darn good. I’ll be happy to pass it on.


4.) I love friends that feed my vintage obsession.  My delightful and always fabulous friend, Jenn, brought me these books and made my weekend.  4 in all.  One for Miss K and 3 for me.  I especially love “Fashions Since Their Debut”, which gives a glimpse into fashion trends over the ages.  “The Good Old Days” will be read as well.  Outlining manners and etiquette (as seen in the Sears Robuck catalog, obviously).   Thanks Jenn.


5.) I had always hoped that my children (whatever they become) would always be a little quirky.  It adds spice, right?  Miss K is already showing some signs (or perhaps I am convincing myself she is) of being interesting.  Take for instance, her favorite hobby.  Sitting in Molly’s water dish and watering her pants and feet.  With clothes on. And then dumping the water on her head.  And repeat.


6.) I was going to do an entire post on this, but I figure that I’m not a movie critic and not everyone wants to hear my opinions on film.  I watched Miss Potter this week and it was a sweet, simple film about the life of Beatrix Potter, the author.  I loved it.  And it takes place in London.  Be still my little heart.  You should see it.  It’s cute.


7.) I did get a new book this weekend on our date night (Sean and I found our new “all you can eat” sushi joint).  It talks about the right brainers out there (let’s start a club!) and their emergence in business and everyday life.  How we are seeing more and more “righters” in positions of power and influence.  It’s been really interesting thus far. 



8.) I love this site.  Buy a robot and spread some love.

9.) I am obsessed with this wallpaper.  I want to put it in our bedroom.  

10.) And…..last on the list, but first in my heart……

My dad has his appointment at UCI this Wednesday, 7am.  I really am trying to put it out of my mind.  Unsuccessful.  I will let you know what happens, but I can’t tell you how much your comments, emails and cards have meant to me.  I haven’t written much more about it because I am trying to trust, be calm and have faith.


Enjoy your Monday.  I’m hoping to have a guest post later this week, so keep an eye out.



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8 responses to “life in list format.

  1. Michelle Eastman

    i like list days – there is always SO much to say ….

    i have never done one on my blog but … perhaps i will try it!

    Congrats on the dedication – always a special day!

    ENJOY your weekend away!

    Praying for your dad.

    LOVE you.
    Appreciate you.
    Like you.
    Enjoy you.


  2. Sometimes lists are necessary. I use them too.

    I’m loving all your book blogging. I LOVE to read. I just made my co-workers bring in all their paperbacks to start our own little library because I needed something new to read myself.

    The “after curlers” shots cracked me up. You’ve got a cute kid there!

  3. Elma

    Oh miss k is soooo adorable!!!! Love the miss potter movie. My sister homeschools her kids and is allways giving me ideas for books and movies. I also would love to know how you made the meatloaf:)

  4. So I just stumbled across your site and I must say it is a joy to read!!! I am loving the Robots, definitly going to buy some for my monkeys. Also I am praying for your dad, my mom battled Breast Cancer almost 2 years ago and won, so I hope the same for your father, faith and the power of prayer can go a long long way!

  5. i’m so sorry to read about your dad. i will keep you in my prayers. really. i hope all goes well this week.

  6. I love list posts, it makes you feel less ADD when you have a collection of things to blog about. Like the lack of focus was on purpose, ha.

    Praying for your Dad.

  7. jenn

    glad you liked the books friend! miss K makes me laugh — she is the quirkiest for SURE!


  8. Love the curler hair do, and the hose and bucket thing. And thanks for the book item, I’m going to Amazon…. I’m thinking of you and praying for you today. Take care, Rachel.

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