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I spent a little time at my public library yesterday.  I just wanted to share with you (in case you aren’t already aware) how valuable of a recource your neighboorhood library is.  I was walking around that place and with every turn I thought, “I hope poeple know how amazing the idea of the public library is”.  It is FULL of things that are at yours and my disposal.  Case in point.

I needed to get a play quickly for reference at our book club meeting tonight (did I tell you I am in a book club?  I did…right?).  Done.

I needed to find a book on CD for our drive up to the mountains.  Done.

I wanted to look up a specific childrens author to see what she has recently published.  Done.

I wanted to find some free story times for Miss K and I. Done.

I found a HARDBACK copy of “Good to Great” by Jim Collins on sale for $1.00 (because they sell books/magazines at the library for DIRT CHEAP) .  Done.

I ordered a book from another branch to be delivered by the beginning of the week.  Done.

I picked up some new coupons that I needed for groceries.  Done.

I made a friend with a librarian.  Done.

And I was there for 25 minutes, people.

I truly wish that I had this library in my backyard:


But I have a small, well-lit piece of heaven and I adore it.  


I walked through Barnes and Noble last night and got two books (normally I would check these out, but they are new releases and I couldn’t wait).  Neither of these will be making the mountain trek with me, so I would still love your suggestions. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect mountain book!  I love that so many people have emailed me movie transcripts, plays, novellas, books and publications.  Keep em’ comin’ and I will announce the book I pick on Tuesday…..


If I didn’t convince you to visit your local library (please just go), her is a fun article with all the ways that the library saves you some cold, hard bucks…..CHECK IT OUT.


Do you use your public library and if so, why?  What is your favorite resource?  I find I get the same feeling when I walk in the doors as I did when I was a wee one.  





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15 responses to “books continued

  1. Julie

    I LOVE the library! I like to think that the library is just storing and caring for all my books. Then when I need one, it is there for me!!! I actually rediscovered the library as an adult and it is one of my favorite places. 🙂

  2. We love our library too…it’s so nice to go in and get music and movies, when usually I am there looking for books. I always forget about all the other things you can do there! We love story time for my two year old too. Thanks for the reminder about one of my favorite places! 🙂

  3. Amber

    Every time I am in a library or next to someones collections of books, I get this overwhelming sense of joy and urgency. Like I have to “devour” everything in sight or I don’t feel like I am really getting out of life the things that I should. It is nice to know that someone else feels this way!

  4. Elma

    I love going to the library:) Ours is small due to the fact we are out in the country. My sister who lives out west allways request books for me and my kids and then I go pick them up. Soooo easy! Our library also has movies for free. So what author do you like for miss k??

  5. mandy

    Yes I do access my local library and the library within the community that I teach. I think I save more money than any teacher in my school- where ever you are- your library probably offers the same deal- but if you are a teacher you get a special card (after you get permission from your principal) and you can check out books indefinitely! can you believe that?? They literally let you keep them for as long as a child will use them and learn. Of course, they expect at the end of the school year you’ll bring them back (and I usually switch books out at the end of units).
    For my own personal use at my neighborhood library- my hubby and I are addicted to books on tape. We both love to read but with two crazy boys, don’t get much for it. We download books on our ipod and listen to them while driving, working out, working at home. These suckers are expensive- but at a library- FREE. crazy… Our favorite date night is to go to barnes and noble and makes lists of books that we can get at our library. I love my libraries too. 🙂

  6. I was excited to read your post! I LOVE the library and think it is the best resource! We go through a lot of books each month with the kids. Since I am an avid reader also, I love to have a long list of transfers waiting to come in! It’s great, it’s free, and it’s such a valuable resource to our homeschooling also! We live less than 1/2 mile from ours, we walk often and have the sweetest little park and city zoo/sanctuary next door. One of the main reasons I love living where we do!

  7. Rach!!!

    I L-O-V-E books AND libraries!

    My picks…

    Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers
    Any Karen Kingsbury
    Phillipa Gregory and her books about the Royals

    Thanks for the bday wish!

    Sarah told me that you look A-MAZING!!! Great job! What are you doing???

    Have fun at book club! Sounds awesome!


  8. I LOVE my local library. My favorite part is that I can go to my library’s web site…find a book…place it on hold…and they call me when it’s ready. SIMPLE! Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!

  9. Story time is our favorite time at the library! Allikaye loves going there!

  10. My husband and I are book lovers, but we have always liked to buy because we like to write in them, mark pages, etc. Obviously with the economy, I have tried to cut back but now that my 8 year old reads so much…her bookshelves are overflowing…we don’t have enough space for all her books and she reads them so fast, I’ve made her start checking out books at the library. She goes to her school library almost every day and we take her to our little local library at least once a week. It’s great how much she loves to read but if it weren’t for the library, we might have a million books and live in a cardboard box, tee hee. So yes…we are very thankful for the services they offer.

    As for a mountain book…how about a James Patterson mystery or Alice Hoffman is always good. I’d say ‘Marley and me,’ but you’ve probably already read it and it’ll make you cry 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  11. Love the library. Though during the school year we don’t go often because it’s all too easy to return school books to the public library and vice versa.

    But this summer? We’re definitely having a “Library Day.” And if we homeschool? We’ll have one each week for the whole year!

  12. meg

    I love public libraries! I love that you can browse all those magazines and books for free, plus its a great way to learn about a community if you are new (like us)! One of my favorite books, as of recent, is Trail of Crumbs.

  13. Kat

    I love the library, especially the smell of the library. As a kid, I loved going to this itty bitty library in downtown HB with my mom, and getting our favorite book “Little Peep”. My mom would do these voices and my brother and I would ROLL around giggling. It’s not in print anymore, but she found a copy online, so now my daughters get to enjoy it too. ( I don’t let Chloe touch it yet though, she’s kind of destructive.)

    This year I have a new love for the library. Serena got her very own library card, they even gave her a certificate to go with it (perfect for her scrap-happy mother!) AND I am super stoked to join the summer reading program with her. I can’t wait. I think that’s going to be my favorite part of summer.

    And I so wish I was part of a bookclub, I always talk about starting one, then get so busy I forget. Maybe this summer I will venture out with one, any advice?

  14. Love the library too! We go at least once a week. Our main local library just reopened after a year’s worth of construction. It’s amazing how much they have there, even a coffee shop! It’s better than B&N now!

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